Parents Try To Sell Baby In A Parking Lot For $30

  1. PENSACOLA, Fla. — A couple was charged Friday with trying to sell their 2-month-old baby for $30 in a store parking lot, authorities said.

    Robert G. Ellingson, 23, approached two people in the PetSmart parking lot and offered them a beer. When they refused, he offered to sell his child, Escambia County Sheriff's officials said.

    "At first they thought it was a joke," sheriff's spokesman Glenn Austin told the Pensacola News Journal. "But then the mother yelled to the group that they were trying to sell the baby. And one of them called us."

    Ellingson and Maghen Duvala, 25, the baby's mother, were each charged with four counts of child neglect. They were being held in Escambia County jail — he for $27,000 and she for $15,000. It was not immediately known if they had legal representation. They were expected to make a first appearance Saturday.

    The Department of Children & Families took custody of the baby, whose name was not released.

    Authorities said the couple also tried to sell their baby in a bank parking lot a few blocks away an hour earlier. They are each charged separately for that incident by Pensacola police with one count of child neglect.,2933,317994,00.html
  2. they should never see that baby again. shame on them. but at least they didn't kill the baby or threw it in the trash or something like that. i am glad atcually now thinking about it, it could have been the baby will be in better hands, hopefully.
  3. I agree ! nvmy, Its clear they did not want the baby, and were desperate to get rid of it. Thank God some one was there to alert the authorities.
  4. yes, at least the baby is safe for now. i agree that there's been cases when the baby is just left to die when the parents don't want the child. cruel and sad, but it happens....
  5. How sad....breaks my heart how people can be so evil.
  6. yikes, were they desperate for drug money? there are adoption agencies out there, they weren't forced to keep the baby if they didn't want to.:confused1:
  7. As someone who has to struggle to conceive a child (and thankfully I have been blessed with a wonderful daughter) I am infuriated by this. These people are the lowest of the low. They should both be sterilized.
  8. The more I read stuff like this, the more I can't stand people. Why didn't they just give it up for adoption when it was born?

    At least someone had the sense to call the police.
  9. what are they going to do with 30$ anyway? why don't they give their baby up for adoption? you would think if you can't take care of your baby you want to make sure she comes in a good home? this is so weird! It's good the baby is away from them and I hope she/he will get a nice family.
  10. mother's pic looks like she's druggie
  11. There are so many people who just shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

  12. Hell yes. My first reaction to this story was, "Can you say DRUG ADDICTS"
  13. ITA. THese people make me sick! I'm glad the baby is out of their hands.:hysteric:
  14. I'm glad the poor baby is (hopefully) going to a better home...
    I guess it could have been worse, they could have put it in the trash after birth......
  15. I'm just glad as sick as they are, they didn't kill it or torture it (assuming they haven't). That's the bright side I'm thinking of in such a disgusting situation. I guess it works out because I would hate to know that that kid was raised by such buffoons.