Parents overdose child to death?

  1. OMG! that is sooo sad... :crybaby:
    i heard stories about nannies doing the same thing, but it's the mother for God's sake
  2. Horrible! I couldn't even finish reading the article. But I think doctors are way too willing to diagnose attention-deficit disorders and prescribe drugs, and parents are way too willing to accept a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD rather than just take the time and effort to actually parent their children. I'm not saying this is true in all cases, mind you, but come on---this little girl was 4 years old!! And she was only 2 1/2 when she was diagnosed!! I had a friend whose daughter got put on all kinds of meds for ADD, bipolar disorder, etc at about 13 when the real problem IMO was that her mother was a drunk who was in and out of dysfunctional and inappropriate relationships and swung wildly between being extremely permissive and being very strict. THe girl's behavior which wasn't all that extreme to begin with was probably just a plea for some consistent discipline and stability. Instead she got medicated.
  3. I didn't even know that someone that young could be diagnosed with bipolar disorder??!! Both people I know that were diagnosed as bipolar was diagnosed as teenagers.

    This is so sad!
  4. This is so sad to me because my son was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on different medications only after I tried everything. His doctor would keep a record of his behavior from school, with the constant trouble and problems in school, I tried different a different Dr. and he prescribed Clonidine and Depakote. It only took about a week or two of him being on those medications when i said I was gona have to deal with the problems with out those 2 medications. This was yrs. ago now he is on only 1 medicine that does not have the stimulant, low dose and I give it to him every other day to help him concentrate in school. He is still getting into trouble in school with being loud and noisy but his grades are passing and that is all i ask for right now because i know it's been hard for him. Most of troubles now are just laughing and goofing off........(some arguments with other students,) but as long as he can laugh and not be angry I'm happy!!:heart:
  5. So sad, for the mother and child
  6. Wow. That is an incredibly sad story...
  7. thank you for bputting this behind a cut, that way i had a choice as to read the article or just read your summary ;)
  8. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was about 5. I had been taking ritilin for what seemed like my whole life. Then, when I was 26, it turned out I did not in fact have ADD but I had a left brain learning disorder, which exhibited the same symptoms of ADD.

    My parents were concerned about the amount of medication I was getting, so I remember it being adjusted every once in a while.

    Medication for that was an option but I adamantly refused.

    Part of me still resents having to take medication for something it turned out I didn't even have. I firmly believe my parents were going with what information they had at the time, and doing what they thought was in my best interest.

    Comparing what my parents did to what her parents did, and her parents don't deserve to be called parents. Parents act in the best interest of the child. They don't drug them so they won't be a bother.
  9. That article made me sad and soo soo mad. Those parents are murderers. I hope they took their other children away FAST.