Parents, Outraged As 3 Year Old Son Walks Half Mile Home From Nursery Alone !

  1. A mother has called for tighter security controls at her three-year-old son's nursery school after the little boy slipped out of the building and walked home alone.

    Finley Cracknell pushed open a fire exit, clambered over a 2ft fence, walked through the front gate of the nursery and then toddled on to the pavement.

    After leaving the Explorers Children's Centre in Christchurch, Dorset, he then wandered along the roadside next to fast-moving traffic.

    He walked along the road to his empty home - half a mile away from the nursery - where he knocked on the front door.

    After getting no answer, he trotted back on to the pavement before being found by a surprised neighbour who called his mother, Sarah Cracknell.

    By that time the 26-year-old had already found out that Finley had vanished and had been frantic with worry. Mrs Cracknell had dropped her son off at the nursery at noon while she attended a Parent-Teacher Association lunch at the neighbouring school.

    It was only when she went to pick him up that she realised he was missing.

    She said: "I went through half an hour of what Madeleine McCann's parents must be going through 24 hours a day.

    "I was absolutely frantic because you automatically think the worst-case scenario.

    "The relief when my next-door neighbour told me she had found him was overwhelming.

    "Apparently, Finley had been knocking on both of our front doors trying to get into the house.

    "I can't believe he was able to get out of the nursery in the first place and then make it all the way home unscathed.

    "I'm unsure whether to send him back in January. Firstly, I would need to know that safety measures have been reviewed.

    "I just don't want this to happen to any other parent.

    "My intention isn't to cause trouble for the nursery - it is a great place with fantastic staff, but this needs to be a wake-up call.

    "It makes you think if a three-year-old can get out without anyone noticing, who could get in?

    "Finley is no different from any other naturally inquisitive three-year-old. The scary thing is that it could have been a much younger child who didn't know their way home.

    "Thankfully, to him it was a huge adventure."

    Richard Chapman, headmaster of Somerford Primary School, of which the nursery is part, confirmed his staff had tightened up security measures at the school.

    He said: "We take the safety of our pupils very seriously, and this incident should not have happened.

    "No child should be able to leave the school premises without the knowledge of the staff.

    "I will be discussing the matter with the child's parents, but in the meantime we have fitted our doors with small alarms to alert staff if any pupil tries to leave, and during the Christmas holidays the height of the school fence will also be raised."

    The Dailymail
  2. whoa! I'm glad he's fine, what a determined and smart little kid. I can't imagine any other three year-old accomplishing that. :wtf:
  3. ^Lol, I know right?

    This story reminds me of the kid who took his toy car out for a joyride on the freeway. Man, these kids are smarter than most people in contemporary times.
  4. Kids can really shock me.
    My 4 year old son & 2 year old daughter decided to go to KMart to buy candy. This has been a number of years ago.
    They got on their little bikes, got out of the neighborhood, & onto a busy street. I was freaked out when I found them.
    My little boy told me some man in a car stopped by them & yelled, "Get out of the street, you stupid kids."
    And I was one of the most overprotective parents you'd ever meet. Astonishing how they can give you the slip when they're determined.
  5. I'm so glad the kid is okay.

    My baby brother and I would take off on our parents all the time. I was a horrible example for him, I was the adventerous type and he would follow me anywhere. But it was really different back in the late 50's, early 60's... neighbors knew who you were and would catch you and call Mom.

    When I think of all the stuff we did! EKKK!
  6. It's wild that this kid knew his way home, unless it was just one hell of a coincidece...I can't imagine a child doing this!
  7. :nuts: There was no stopping that little guy. Glad he's okay.

    The nursery ought to be ashamed of themselves.
  8. Poor little thing! God, I'm so glad he's safe. And I just love his name! Finley Cracknell! LOL! Cute little storybook name!
  9. A part of me is kind of chuckling because I find it amazing that the 3 year old knew the way home. I sure as heck would not have been able to find my way home at that age, let alone without getting runned over.

    Then again, the other part of me is saying shame on the nursery for allowing him to leave!

    Something very similar happened to my older brother when we were younger. My mom picked me up (I was about 7) from after school care to drop me off at the library. We were in a rush, and my brother was out playing with some other kids so she told the after school attendant to let him know we would come back for him. She left him there so he could stay there and play instead of having to go to the library with me.

    When we both came back to pick him up, he was gone. The after school attendant hadn't even realized he was missing until we got there to pick him up.

    My mom was freaking out, but we drove home to see if he might be there and sure enough, he was at home. He walked home thinking that we had FORGOTTEN him. He was about 9 at the time. That's pretty "old" compared to the kid in this story, but if it were me I would have just waited LOL.
  10. Thank God nothing happened to the little boy. The parents seem to have taken it in stride. I'm glad he saw it as an adventure.
  11. Three year olds are pretty bright. DH works with a guy who has a thre year old and she's quite the young lady. Calls me "Miss Lori" and DH "Mr. Chris". I'm quite taken with her polite manners and happy little spirit.

    When I was 3, I climbed a tree in our yard and my father had to call the fire department to come get me down. Family stories have it that when I saw them, I laughed and climbed even higher, to the top of the tree!

    I was quite the heart attack according to my parents.
  12. I just read my BF this story. He said "It sounds like the little boy was smarter than the people at the nursery,"
  13. Smart man, your BF. He's right. :p
  14. I am surprised that so many people find this amusing. How many people would be calling for the school to be shut down and heads to roll if this little boy had been killed in traffic?

    Plain and simple, no 3 year old ought to be able to "outsmart" the security at a school! And no child that age should be unattended long enough to get off school grounds. I would be irate and there is no way I would send my son back to the same place that allowed him to walk out before; I'd have no faith that supervision would be any better regardless of the school's claims.
  15. I'm shocked that there was only a two foot high fence the child had to climb over to get off the grounds. A pedophile can easiely reach over said height fence and be gone in seconds.

    The humor comes from the fact that the child is okay... one of those "whew!" moments when you realize that what COULD of happened DIDN'T.