Parents: I need help picking out rollerskates & a jump rope!

  1. Hi everybody :smile:

    Nicole's birthday is coming up in the middle of April and she will be turning 4. This year, everybody is pretty much buying her outside toys...Things like skooters, a helmet, etc. We have decided that we'd like to get her a jumprope and a pair of rollerskates. One for easter and one for her birthday (which are right around the same time).

    Nicole doesn't know how to rollerskate so we would like to buy her some rollerskates that will grow with her and will help her with learning. I thought about the adjustable kind where the wheels can also be adjusted to see how fast they can go. I found these on the Quelle (store in Germany) website and I'd like to get your opinons:


    They are able to go from shoe size 22-30. Right now she's around a 26/27 but I think it will take her a while to get to size 30, and by then she should be able to rollerskate on her own and will be old enough for real rollerskates. Anybody have any experience with adjustable rollerskates? I only ever had real ones as a kid. for a jump rope. Nicole loves Princess Lillifee and I found a Lillifee jumperope on Amazon that I thought would be nice for her. The only thing that concerns me is that it's a rope and she may not be able to swing it over her head yet and that two people would always have to be there to swing the rope for her. I tried looking for those beaded ones that we used to have as kids, but I haven't found any here in Germany. I found some on the American Amazon but I don't think it would be able to get here in time.

    Here is the jump rope I was thinking about:


    What do you guys think? Do you think both of those things are good for a 4 year old? If not, could you give me any other tips???

    Thank you :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Usually, those kind of rollerskates are not great in the performance area. Yes, they're a bit more practical for a growing child, but they're plastic and not very comfortable...usually. Maybe just get her a pair a couple of size bigger. Big enough to where she can put on a couple of pairs of thick socks and they'd fit ok. Something with urethane and bigger wheels so skating on rougher surfaces won't be an issue.

    Regarding the jump rope... I was never really into jump ropes, but I'm a guy. If you do go that route, maybe get one long enough so that two people could swing it (one on each end) and have friends jump in. Jumping rope by yourself seems kind of boring.

    What about a pogo stick? Too young?
  3. On the skates, check if the wheels are hard plastic or the poly type (softer, more like rubber)...only get the soft wheels, much easier to use.

    Also, you mention someone was getting a helmet, make sure she wears it and you might consider elbow pads and wrist guards, really a must for learning to skate. In the states you get a kids set with both in it for usually about 7.00 - 10.00, well worth the price.
  4. Thanks you guys :smile:

    I'm heading to the US military base today to check out what they have regarding kids rollerskates. I saw some nice ones on the US toysrus website, but I'm afraid that if I order it from there it won't get here to Germany in time.

    Guess I gotta go out today and look around!