parents' friends gave me a fake...

  1. A man that my mother has known FOREVER is married to the sweetest little woman from Taiwan, and they both absolutely love me. His wife barely speaks any english, but she always calls me her baby and is just dotes over me. They take us out to eat once a year (because my mom does their taxes for free since they're good friends) and this past year my mom was telling them about my new obsession with Louis Vuitton (ha!).

    So they dropped by the other day since they were in the neighborhood and she had a gift box for me. I opened it, and inside was a fake LV (I don't even think LV ever made such a bag)! She told me that it was, indeed fake, but it was "the highest brand of fakes" and supposedly she still paid like $200 for it.

    I feel so bad because I just want to bury it at the bottom of my closet. I guess I'll at least have to use it when we go out to eat with them this year. The thought of being seen carrying a fake LV makes me want to :yucky: .

    Do you think I'm obligated to use it at least when they take us out to dinner?
  2. Not necessarily, but bring something Louis Vuitton and be like..."Oh, I was just using it yesterday and I decided to switch!"
  3. Her heart was probably in the right place.. .. that is a tough one.
  4. Yeah you dont have to use it when theyre there if you dont feel comfortable doing that, but make sure to mention that you DO use it and that you appreciate the gift (even if you dont lol) :smile:
  5. i think the thought is what counts here and i'd write a nice thank you card.

  6. I don't think you shouldn't carry it if you don't want to. It is a yearly event, and it's not like they see you often enough to notice that you don't carry it at all (from what I can tell).
    If they enquire about the gift, express your appreciation for the sentiment and try to avoid lying.
  7. That is a tough one. I would let them see that you still have it and make sure whenever you go out with them that the fake would not match your outfit so you decide to take a different bag.
  8. You know, I'm stuck in the same spot. My friend gave me a fake for doing her a favor and now I'm like :s I know I'll never carry it, but I don't know what to do with it because I'm sure she paid 50+ for it, and thats a lot for a college student.
  9. I agree you should write them a nice thank you and use it once in their presence.
  10. Hmmmm..that's tough one
    Lesson learnt; you have to spread the words around that you love LV, you don't like fake LV so no one will give you fake one. For $200 you can get a cles..

    People who knows me will say, she (me) loves LV and I added..real one only..hint..hint..
    she has good intention, bless her heart.
  11. ITA
  12. Me too:heart:
  13. aww, i totally understand your feeling. have you talk to your mother about this situation? Perhaps she can help out a bit? Does it feel like receiving those hand made sweater from your lovely grandmother, which you really 'dislike' but kind of have to force yourself to wear it b/c is the thought that counts? Good luck!
  14. Another vote here for a thank you note. Their hearts were in the right place.
  15. I agree with writing a thank you note, an honestly doubt that they would notice you not carrying it if you only see them once a year. She meant well, she just doesn't understand your passion for authentic LV.