Parenting getting in the way of

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  1. My youngest son has a cold :yucky: , nothing horrid, but just bad enough for me to not be able to go to Valley Fair...poop!

    They have both pampellone's on hold for me to try, too...:sad: !

    Ok, I know I am just whining....but who better to whine to then my LV friends!
  2. aww...I hope he feels better soon! :smile:
  3. I am sure they will hold them for you until you are able to get there, hope your son feels better!!
  4. Well...I know how you feel..I hope gets well soon..don;t worry I am sure your SA will hold it for you, just make sure she/he charges your card so it's yours..
  5. Wrap 3 blankets around him and take him for a little car ride!!! :p

    Naw, just kidding. I hope your son feels better! :smile:
  6. She will, that's not a problem thankfully...but you know how it is...I had it all planned to go today (love shopping during the week)...lunch out, getting a new

    Like a said, just venting...being a spoiled brat (which I fully admit to, lol).
  7. Don't laugh, I thought about it....he stayed home yesterday he is much better today...:devil:
  8. I know what you mean;) I hope he feels better soon
  9. I am laughing so hard at John's response. My kids have been sick too so I feel for you. Honestly....dose him up with motrin and a juice box and GO GIRLIE!!!
  10. Awww that's too bad. Maybe you could convince him to go along and give him some ice cream as a reward?!?!?

    What's the point of him being sick and you being purse sick??

    Yes i am so not ready to be a parent... i refuse to carry of my friend's babies/kids coss i'm sure i'll drop them if i see a nice bag or shoe or dress.... :shame:
  11. Does he have a fever? If not, I say a brief shopping jaunt is OK!
  12. I feel your "pain". When I plan to go shopping I get soo disappointed when it gets cancelled!
  13. No, I decided to wait....I want to be able to take my time and look at the look book, enjoy deciding between to 2, and look at some other stuff....rather than rush KWIM.
  14. Hope he feels better soon! I know the feeling...I wanted to go to LV and get a cles or key holder but I have a cold. :crybaby: Darn germs keeping us from our LV shopping!!!
  15. I hope your soon feels better! My problem is different today. My vacuum is keeping up dust because my DH used it on the fireplace.:cursing: No one's cleaning up today and I've got piles of Christmas tree leaves all over my living room. Ugh. I'll have to postpone my shopping.