Pardon the title: The Smell Factor

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  1. Do ALL Bbags have this gorgeous smell?? (Or is it only some of the leathers?)
  2. So far I have had a bubblegum first and a black and rouge vif city and they have all smelled delicious!
  3. I have 4 bags now and I have to say the smell of Bbag leather is much better than some of the other leather bags and jackets that I own... way better than my botkier. I think it might have something to do with the way the leather is treated.
  4. i Think they dooo... Sniffing or smelling a bBag.. is like candy for your Nose~! The whiff of it when you open the box to reveal your newly purchased bBag.. are even taking them out of storage.. is like a nice treat :p (i really don't spend my time sniffing my bags...:whistle:) but I know what you mean honey1~!
  5. ^ Hee, hee...I spend some time "sniffing B-Bags...but it's my job!" honest ;o)

    I love the smell of Balenciaga leather, they have used different processes each year and the leather smells differently from season to season with goatskin similarities of course.

    My Rouge Vif Purse and Money wallet are really strong smelling...even now a year after I bought them. Yummy red leather smell....:drool:
  6. All of my bags still smell awesome....not sure what it is, but I absolutely love it.
  7. My best smelling bag was my Camel Aviator followed by my Cornflower Shrug. It is intoxicating!