Pardon me for asking - can anyone compare the Part-time to Jimmy Choo Mahala?

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  1. I have a Day - and am considering maybe something a little bit less 'hobo-like' and maybe a bit more structured. Can anyone here help me make a comparison? I absolutely love the new olive color and was going to get it in the Part-time, but I hate to admit but am being allured by the Mahala as well. Thoughts anyone? :confused1:
  2. Ok, I might be able to offer an opinion here...I have a black JC Mahala from late 2006 sitting in my wardrobe. It was a gift and I really don't like it. It feels like an ice cream bucket with handles. The leather is too stiff and the gold on it makes it look cheap (only in my opinion - please don't be offended). The part time sits a lot comfier / neater under the arm and the zip closure makes it feel a lot more like a bag rather than a 'tote bag feel' like the Mahala. The part time looks a lot better - go the Part Time!
  3. Thank-you KDC - I appreciate the response and wasn't sure I'd get any! Not offended by anything and wanted this exact candidness. This is why I love this forum! :heart:
  4. No worries! I am sure many Bal PF'ers would have responded, but most of us are die-hard Bbag'ers only...It's only by chance that I have a Mahala sitting in my wardrobe...