pardon me but i need to rant!

  1. So i saw a lady dior cannage tote up for auction on ebay and i contacted the seller directly (since she set a reserve which wasn't met) to see if we could reach a sale outside of ebay. I tried negotiating with her for the total to be $550 including expressmail shipping but then she replied by saying it was impossible because expressmail from the US to Singapore (where my mom could help me collect it) would cost USD$100 (which sounded completely mad because I checked the USPS site myself and it was around $40+ tops). Nonetheless, we came to agree on another price and I decided to go with global priority shipping (to the UK where I am, since I thought it'd be cheaper) instead (since that's the regular shipping method I'd go for for all the ebay items I purchased).

    Weeks go by, and the seller simply stopped emailing me about the whole deal itself (the transaction never concluded). Then, out of the blue, the seller emails me again, demanding payment for the bag, including an extra $40 shipping charge. Pardon me, but it was just absolutely ridiculous that shipping would be so high via global priority (my trotter romantique was only USD$16 for shipping and the admit it bag was only USD$20). Next, the seller continually bombards me with emails demanding payment (yet again) and claiming she has shipped the bag out already (even though she didn't provide me with any confirmation number). Since she only had 2 feedback on ebay and her general communication with me hasn't been so good, I decided that if she'd really sent the bag out, I'd definitely pay her upon receiving the bag. But if she hadn't, then there wouldn't be any loss on both sides. So for the past two weeks, she's been constantly hassling me for payment without providing any confirmation of sending the bag out.

    Well, today I received an email from my mom telling me the customs department sent me a mail regarding a "merchandise". clearly the sender of the supposed merchandise was the seller who had actually sent out the bag afterall. The trouble is, firstly I'd have already incurred "administrative" fees for processing the item, next, it's not clear how much customs duty and goods tax I'd have to pay because I need to show them an invoice of the sale (which i clearly do not have since the sale was never concluded as such). Then there's also the problem of having to authorise my mom as my representative in handling the whole customs issue (since I'm not physically present in Singapore at the moment). The problem with that is, somehow, the seller got my name completely wrong (how is it possible to see MILLIE as MIKE?) and I'm not sure if the customs is even going to release the item considering a MIKE doesn't exist. :s

    So here I am, stuck with the whole customs issue, with a dodgy seller who's been hounding me for payment (and quoting inflated shipping charges). I wonder if I shouldn't even bother and just wait for the customs people to return it to sender, or actually pay for all the tax and go through all that hassle to get that lady dior.

    Gahhh, it's just completely stressing me out and leaving me with a horrible feeling. I've NEVER encountered such a problem ever, and more than anything, the seller's attitude is completely putting me off. But on the other hand, I do really like this bag, just that I don't know if it's worth the hassle (especially since my mom, who's busy, will have to deal with it).

    Sorry ladies, for the extended rant. :sad: i'm just very upset right now.
  2. this is EXACTLY why you should never ever make a transaction off eBay, only make them through eBay auctions. . . otherwise, there's really no recourse.
    I hope it all works out for you:yes:

  3. :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: TA
  4. I think you gave yourself some very good advice there! :smile:
  5. :yes:

    Also, if any seller on eBay asks you to complete a transaction outside of eBay, don't do it! You have no protection if you do and eBay will not back you up at all.

    Good luck with your transaction and I hope it works out for you.