Parchment or Silver Sabrina

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  1. I would get the Parchment. I had the Silver but returned it...too glittery for my taste. It looks pretty trendy to me and not long lasting like the Parchment would be.
  2. I'd go with parchment. The silver is stunning, but it's so glittery that I don't think it would really go with much. Too glam for an everyday bag, I wouldn't get much mileage out of it. Both are great bags though.
  3. Someone on here has a stunning silver lily and I always catch myself staring at their avatar until one my kids says..."mommy...." lol!

    I am awaiting my parchment legacy flap....I figure I won't swap bags as much as I do now...(cough, cough) daily!
  4. silver!
  5. did you decide yet? which color are you getting?