Parchment or Silver Sabrina

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  1. Hi all! I am getting a little bonus on Friday. I am thinking of either the silver or parchment Sabrina for a Spring/Summer bag. Which would you choose and do you think one would be better than another with transfer? Thanks!

  2. I would think you'd have to be careful with either one of them. Side note: I did find out that they used foil to make the silver shine like it does.
  3. I'd probably go with the parchment or wait for the gray one, bkz they are gonna be easier to clean. I have the silver sabrina, and I haven't even used it yet- but it already has a strange stain on top that wont go out- the SA's told me that you shouldn't even use soap or a brush with the silver sabrina... so really, I m rather getting the gray one that's gonna be out in a few weeks! the parchment will be easyer to clean compared to the silver, but it's still a delicate color- obviously. If money is just burning in your pocket, i suggest buying a gift card and waiting for the new lilac and gray sabs that will be out shortly :graucho:
  4. I'm in love with the silver, so I'm a bit biased when I tell you that I would get the silver. Yes, it may be a bit more high maintenance, but to me I think the silver would be worth it. I also think it looks more like a high end bag than the parchment does. I'm sure whatever you end up with you'll love it because the Sabrina is such a great bag!
  5. The silver floor model at my boutique had a small brown stain on the top of it last night. Is it possible your bag had this stain when you bought it but you didn't notice in the flourescent lights?
  6. I would go with the parchment even though I love the color of the silver. Like others have said both these bags need to be handled carefully to keep them looking good.
  7. My vote is for the silver. I haven't seen it IRL but the pics posted show it to be absolutley gorgeous!
  8. I agree! Of course, since I haven't seen it IRL, those who actually own it have a better idea of color and wear. The gray sounds very pretty too. Can you wait for that? ha. (I never can!) ;)
  9. The silver is so amazing. I saw it yesterday, and I fell in love. Probably won't get it though, because I am prone to stain things.
  10. I vote silver! Both are hard to care for and both gorgeous, but the silver just seems super unique and extra gorgeous!
  11. Parchment!

    While I do love the silver (it's so cool, so diff) I feel like it'd be stained or dirty even if I carried it wearing white cotton gloves!
  12. Since I'm currently completely obsessed with silver that is definitely my vote!
  13. Karling--did you end up getting something with your bonus money? I'm curious if you got parchment or silver or perhaps something different? Don't hold out on us!!
  14. My bonus comes this Friday and I am still not sure. Price might decide it for me. I have to see how much is left over after my bills are payed!

  15. I was in a boutiue in out on the west coast two weeks ago and the SA told me he got a shipment of silver sabrinas. He opened the box and they all had brown stains on them. :tdown: I went in to just by the silver wristlet and he completely discouraged me from buying it because there is nothing you can use to get out stains. So as much as I love the silver, I say go with the parchment - it's also really beautiful.