Parchment Madison n/s tote reveal

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  1. Went in to use my 25% off FB discount on the navy staff, but ended up falling in love with this beauty thanks to cherry0017. The parchment is more of a stone color and looks fabulous with my trench. As she said, the edges are more of a navy/black that give this bag lovely definition. It is much, much nicer irl. And extremely versatile since it is not a true white. The third picture is the most realistic color, but I tried to get a different angle and details with the first two.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393127833.256653.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393127849.356381.jpg
  2. That one is gorgeous too! I still haven't cut my silt hobo tags because every time I try it on, it almost feels like TOO much gold.
  3. I think the silt hobo is tdf!! I almost left with that instead of this. But since I have the bronze and I didn't win the megamillions powerball last night, I decided I needed something that was different.
  4. Crud. Sorry. Tag in unintentionally showing. I tried to tuck it behind in the first two pics. LOL.

  5. I'm not sure why it hasn't struck me yet. Maybe because I haven't put my stuff into it when I try it on with whatever I'm wearing. It still feels like so much gold, but I know I have one other (Madeline embossed lizard in beige) that has a lot of gold and it didn't bother me too much once I started carrying it.

  6. Right, right, unintentional. We know. LOL!

  7. Definitely put stuff in it and try it on. I did that with the parchment and that was when it clicked. And yes, I have tag anxiety now. LOL.

  8. Tag anxiety! LOL!
  9. Oh wow. This is Stunning!!!
    Congrats and I am happy that you like the parchment! Enjoy!
    Now you are making me want this one too! Lol

    Love the pretty scarf ; )
  10. Lol
    I even didn't notice that tag was there!
  11. Wow, this looks super elegant! Glad you love your new bag!!
  12. I love parchment. I love totes. I love the scarf you have tied on her! pretty.
  13. Gorgeous tote! What color is the lining?
  14. Congrats enjoy your tote!
  15. Gorgeous!! I can't wait for the next wave of colors, hopefully more with silver hardware. I loved the first gen city totes, and I love these even more.