Parchment Leather Carly

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  1. Are the Parchment Carlys at the outlets? I could have sworn I saw one, once. Now I think I want one!
    I also saw that Coach has them coming out again in October, but I'm not sure what color the trim will be.
  2. I saw one at the outlet I went to on Tuesday...
  3. I got mine from the outlet about 2 weeks ago. It was the only one they had and there wasn't a huge amount off of the price. I ended up paying $374 for it. LOVE IT and worth every penny...if you see one, grab it! It's one of the softest leather bags I have..
  4. Bought mine full price when it first came out. Wish I could of find one at the outlet.
    They aren't at our outlets here. I'd suggest if yours has one to grab it, they are gorgeous!