Parchment Fans!

  1. Hi all, I have acquired quite a few lovelies (still working on pics), one of which is a parchment mama sage. I'm not sure if I love her yet so I'm trying her out today.

    For those of you who own parchment, please post them up and do tell how much you love the color/bag/accessories.

    Thank you all!

    Here's my parchment mama sage:

  2. I have the parchment baby sage and I absolutely love her!

  3. oh both bags! I think if you spray them down you should be fine!
  4. I am gonna take the leap one day and get me one
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's my original large Carly in parchment and mahogany. To me the parchment is a beautiful rich off white. I have not had any trouble keeping this bag clean.
  7. image-2437895421.jpg

    Here is my gathered leather Lindsey. No problems so far keeping her clean.
  8. My Parchment Kristin Woven Hobo. The color is so pretty and clean. I love carrying this bag. :smile:

  9. I own the parchment gathered Sophia and matching wallet and also the parchment tossed Lindsey. I have been using them almost constantly since May and had had no problems. My first day with the gathered Sophia, I picked up my youngest from pre-school and he made a picture with about a gallon of green paint (you can see where this is going) and I thought, keep this as far away as possible from my new bag lol! I put it in the back seat and brought it in the house. I checked my hands before I picked up my bag to bring it in and didn't notice anything. A day or so later, I noticed green paint on the leather trim next to the zipper and my heart sank. I quickly cleaned it with apple leather cleaner and it came right off. I should also note that I treated it prior to using it with apple, so I'm sure that helped me avoid a permanent stain. Since then, no problems. I was always afraid of white bags, but not anymore!
  10. Parchment braided editorial zoe...soft as a baby's butt!
  11. I love seeing all of these beautiful parchment colored bags, however, I dont see myself carring one anytime soon. I have two little ones, and well I think that speaks for itself LOL
  12. I just bought a parchment gathered leather Large Sophia last week. Ordered the matching wallet with my PCE and just got it today. I love them both, but I'm thinking about exchanging the wallet for a darker color. I'm so paranoid that the wallet would get grubby with frequent use.
  13. I love the gathered parchment wallet! It looks so fresh inside your bags. I have one that I've been using all summer and it still looks new. I panicked a little today when I picked my son up from doing some metal shop work and for some reason I handed him my wallet to put into my purse. Then I saw his hands....they were filthy!!! Wallet looks fine still, no smudges anywhere. :smile: I say keep the wallet and enjoy it, it will be so pretty with your Sophia.
  14. Please share, what do you spray them down with?
  15. I'm thinking... Apple Garde rain/stain repellent? I know a lot of ladies on this forum use that on their bags for protection purposes.