Parchment Carly.... color transfer?

  1. I've been eyeing the parchment carly and am wondering about color transfer. For those of you who have one does this happen and is it easy to clean off?
  2. I returned mine for this reason. I never used it but had heard about it and didn't want to chance it.
  3. I've heard of it happening to the legacy ali in white but wasn't sure about the carly since it's a different type of leather.
  4. As with any light color that rubs against dark color there is a chance of what is called a dye-to-dye transfer. This typically occurs with dark denim because the manufacturers over dye everything now. Any transfer that happens is not because of the bag but due to the dye in the clothing. Just be careful not to wear overly dyed items and you'll be good. Keep in mind that leather is just like skin and absorbs certain chemicals and dyes. Good luck! I LOVE THE parchment.
  5. i wouldnt chance it myself. I sit here with a white Mandy and a white Ali and can do nothing with them, i am soooo, sooo angry and sad about this. My black wool coat transfered to both of em.
  6. ^^ that's terrible! Is there something you can treat the bag with before using so that this won't happen? The white leather bags are so pretty!