Parcel post vs. regular mail?

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  1. What is the difference? Someone sent me a box-they shipped it out last week on Thursday and said they sent it parcel post. Is that slower than just shipping it regular mail? Anyone know?
  2. i think parcel post is slower.. usually estimated 2-9 days, depending on where it's coming from and destination. it's also cheaper, of course. do you mean "regular mail" as in priority mail? priority mail is 2-3 days usually.
  3. No-I know priority mail is 2 days and that is how she usually ships things to me-but, she wanted to save money this time.

    I mean regular mail vs. parcel post as in, regular mail you drop in the mailbox and say in this case, from California to NY, it takes maybe, 3-4 days as opposed to paying even less to ship and it taking longer than, well, regular mail would-LOL! Does that make sense?
  4. ah... i see. well, i just checked the usps site, and it states that parcel post takes 2-9 days, what i intially guessed. maybe it will take about the same amount of time?

    i've had things shipped parcel post to me from either coast (i am in the midwest) and it usually takes 4 days.
  5. Regular mail would be first-class mail like letters, etc. Parcel post is for packages and will take longer than regular first-class or priority mail.
  6. correct:P
  7. When I lived in the states, I received packages that were sent Parcel Post (from California) in about 4 days and I received packages via Priority in 3 days...So not a big difference.
  8. Parcel post is a bit longer. Priority is faster. Packages on priority have priority so they move faster. At least that's what I know from my experience.
  9. I asked our postmater about this. Parcel Post can vary. The USPS waits until a truck for one of their major destinations is full then it goes out. So it can sit on the truck for 1 day or a week. You never know.