Parcel Post Users Must Have Patience

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  1. A few years ago, USPS instituted dimensional weight shipping. Larger boxes cost alot more money to ship. Ebay started sorting stuff on shipping costs so alot of us were forced to list parcel post first.

    The post office is convenient to me. It is on my way to work. UPS Store & FedEx are a bit out of my way. I like to ship the same day so my packages are on the way.

    Parcel post, can take up to 21 days in the continental US and 5 weeks or more to Alaska or Hawaii.

    So if you are buying something and need it for a gift, take into consideration that packages going parcel post can take a while.

    Background: Buyer paid for item July 2nd. Item went out that morning. Not scanned because I printed the postage on PP and did not use a scan sheet.

    Buyer e-mailed me numerous times asking me where her bag was. I told her it was shipped and that I cannot control how long USPS takes to get an item to her. I told her from the get-go that it could take 21 days and she called me a liar.

    I set up USPS so we would both get an e-mail in the event the bag was scanned somewhere along the line. Nothing was happening.

    Yesterday, after another e-mail I refunded the buyer, got a mutual, etc,

    I filed a recall of mail form.

    YEP - the post office just called. The bag arrived at her PO today. They are shipping it back to me. I asked them to scan it to show it arrived there and that it was being shipped back to me.

    So please buy your gifts accordingly. Give your sellers a break. I ship daily and cannot control the USPS shipping routes.

    Just venting some steam.
  2. Amen! I'm not a seller, but I can't stand it when procratinating buyers whine about slow shipping after they choose the cheapest shipping possible!
  3. that is why i always contact a seller that lists parcel post as their shipping method to see if i win the item it can be sent priority before bidding! of course then you have the few that will claim that it will be $10-$15 more to ship it that way! those sellers i refuse to buy from because that is a total lie!! and it is not always buyers that want their items sent the cheapest way - there are plenty of sellers that choose that method in order to keep more money in their pockets.
  4. I list my options as Parcel Post, Priority and Express. Sometimes just Priority if it fits in a PM box. I charge exact amount - I use the shipping calculator.

    I counted 10 full business days, perhaps 11 if you stretch it to include the day I dropped it off and half a day the 3rd.
  5. It really depends on the size, now that the PO charges more for oversized Priority packages. I just got the rates on a package going from Calif to Mass; 18" x 15" x 7" at 3 lbs. It costs $29.95 for Priority and $9.95 for Parcel Post. One inch larger and it costs $34.80 for Priority. If it is not an oversized package, the price difference is not so drastic.
  6. If an item is in a box that measures over 1 cubic foot, USPS does charge significanlty more for Priority Mail. It can bounce a $500 insured bag from $12 to almost $40. It depends how far a bag is going.

    Example: 5 lb box measuring 14x14x14 going from NY to CA with $500 insurance:

    Priority mail: $47.65 with signature confrimation and insurance
    Parcel Post: $21.39 " "
    Express mail: $41.75 (notice Espress is cheaper than Priority)

  7. i know it depends on the size - but when i get something stuffed into those "if it fits it ships" priority boxes that is a flat rate i know they were lying!
  8. Some of us sellers are honest about the charges. I've never had enough left over to pocket anything, nor would I consider it. And oversized packages DO cost quite a bit more. If you're skeptical, you can always ask the seller the weight & size of the package then check the charges yourself. That will easily weed out the dishonest sellers & you'll still be able to bid on the item you want.;)
  9. And we all know what it is like to get a $1000 bag folded and shoved into a Priority Mail box because it's cheaper than dimensional shipping.
  10. have you considered UPS/FEdex? I know you said they're out of way but you can schedule a pick up and print label off of paypal. I usually drop them off at my work because UPS comes everyday to our office. UPS ground is much cheaper than USPS rate for bigger items and it only takes 1-6 days.

    I do understand your frustration. I would never choose parcel post delivery because it takes too long. I think having a UPS ground option available instead of parcel post would be good.
  11. I always use UPS. It's convenient for me, which is a plus, but I find their tracking updates significantly more reliable than USPS. Often times, especially when I didn't get feedback, I was able to email the seller and say "Hey, I see that UPS delivered your package on XXday. Please let me know if the item arrived safely." I got my positive feedback within days and have never had a dispute.

  12. that is the worst way to get a bag that you have been waiting on!!:pout:
    stuffed in a little box!

    yes some are - thank goodness! i have had many more like that.
  13. Unfortunately most buyers don't seem to have the patience for Parcel Post shipping! I won't even use it unless it is within my shipping zone (won't take as long). That just means the shipping/insurance cost gets passed on to the buyers, unless they are willing to do Parcel Post.
    Buyers....cheaper shipping= slower. Be patient!

    eta- USPS also tends not to scan PP boxes for some reason, which seems to make people freak out that the package is lost. It's usually not.
  14. And many of use lose out on shipping costs because we're trying to please the buyer with fast/inexpensive shipping, and save our stupid star ratings.

    Buyers: keep in mind also that "shipping" costs include the box that was purchased to ship your item, any packing materials, tape, insurance, signature confirmation, etc. So when you do see a "flat rate" that is a few dollars over the USPS cost for that box, that's what your paying for.
  15. Yup, totally agree...I've been shipping things a LOT lately with Parcel Post because I've been selling large, heavy dolls for my mom. Obviously, buyers don't want to pay $50+ for it for Priority (and of course, live all the way across the country), so Parcel is the most cost-effective but is slower...
    Luckily I haven't had anyone complain about the time their items take to get to them, but thank you for posting this!