paraty - what do you love & hate about it?

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    Ha ha that did sound dirty :p I wish I had of known what that meant before I chose my PF name - it's actually based on my maiden name. I've led a sheltered like apparently.
  2. The licorice and wood are remarkably similar. Chloe does great browns!

    I took awhile to come round to the military strap but I think it would work great with casual styles especially jeans. I would want the strap to be detachable for a smarter look. Does anyone know if the military strap comes off?
  3. Ahhhh I'm super tempted to get it from hgbags but I'm super picky over browns (hence the lack of brown bags in my wardrobe!) and afraid i wouldn't like it :sad:
  4. It is the same shot with and without flash. Crazy, huh? And lol!!!!! We could all use a little wood!!!!! hahaha!
  5. Is licorice a dark brown? It seems to look different in different shots.
  6. I wouldn't call it a dark brown... When I think dark brown, I think of an espresso-like color. I'd say it looks like the leather of a football. :smile:. It definitely does look different in different lighting, but the following pic is most true to color. But it definitely has that chameleon quality like many Paratys do.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up. It's so difficult choosing a colour!
  8. I know! My thought... "Why choose just ONE?". Lol... I have an Eggplant as well. :biggrin:.
  9. Girl! You had me cracking up with this!
  10. You crack me up, ladies!
  11. Love or hate... Hate is such a strong word! One thing that surprised me a little are the jingley-jangley hardware on the handles. I hear them when I place my bag down and when I pick it back up. It's not annoying but I wish the sound was more solid, not so much like keys but more like a gong. Just kidding. I suppose the peeps over at Chloé are trying to keep the bag as light-weight as possible.
  12. ^^Yes! At first I hated that jingley-jangley hardware sound! I felt so noisy walking around. Now I am so used to it & it doesn't bother me at all.
  13. I have the large and because it's so big I would like the long strap to be shorter to the military strap. It would be good if you can change the current strap as I'm really considering it.

    I believe if it sat on the shoulders above hip it would look stunning and easy to carry.

    I think the medium looks good with the long strap.

    Overall because I got the black I think it goes well with everything.

  14. I'm with you ladies on this. The sound bothered me a lot at first, but now it's a minor issue.

    Funny side note: my daughter decided she was going to "play spoons" (like an instrument) and left two in the back of my car. I forgot they were back there and every time I turned a big corner I would hear them clang together. I would be so confused - like, 'I didn't think I carried my paraty today?" That's how stinkin jangly the hardware is! :lol: