Paraty owners - tell me about the handles

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  1. Morning ladies

    New to this forum and thinking about purchasing a Paraty. Any advice on how the handles hold up? The reason is I have a JC tulita hobo, purchased in about 2004 (I think) and the handles have the same design. Unfortunately the oval trim has come away from the leather and as the Paraty handle looks to have the same construction, I am slightly hesitant.

    Has anyone had any experience of this
  2. Well the handles seem very sturdy to me....I've had the paraty since last year!
    The only problem I have is that the handles get stuck on the metal oval ring and I have to wiggle it loose sometimes!
  3. ^^Ditto
  4. Thank you llson and mona_dayna - I've got my eye on the Rock colour on the website. Now to see if I can find one to buy!
  5. I bought my Paraty last october......and it´s new!!!!!! No problems with handles, leather.............
  6. Same here. I've had my Paratys since last year as well and no problems at all. Handles are quite sturdy.
  7. Same here, no issues with handles other than the same issues that Mona mentioned. The hardware tends to get stuck. Otherwise, love my Paraty's!
  8. Sigh....I am dying for a Paraty....:love:
  9. ITA. I've only had my paraty for a couple of months. Other than the issue mentioned above, the handles seem very sturdy. LOVE my paraty!!!
  10. I have a first season paraty (sept 08) no problems at all :sunshine:
  11. Thank you everyone.
  12. I have the Paraty in black lambskin. I love it and have been using it every day for the last ten or more months. There are no handle, or any other issues with the bag.
  13. I have the Rock in medium. I LOVE it !!!!
    My handles are pristine, but yes, sometimes they get "stuck" and need twiddling !

    It's tricky to find the rock as it featured in the ad campaign, I was very lucky and got mine from Selfridges Manchester who only got one allocated per store .... I saw one in Chloe Las Vegas Jan 24, I don't know how that works for you, but it's a newish store and not well advertised so it may well still be there :biggrin:

    Good luck !!!

    S x
  14. I agree with the hardwear getting stuck! That can be a bit annoying but theyre very sturdy. Although the long strap on mine broke away from the bag and I had to get it fixed. I dont use the long strap at all anymore, I dont trust it, but the handles are fine and mark free even though theyre all I use to carry it now.
  15. The long strap on my large old pink paraty broke away from my bag yesterday. I returned it today ( Nordstrom) and the SA said I probably had too much stuff in it. I told her it was the same amount of stuff that I had in the bag I was carrying today. :nono: Then, she said it was because it was from the first season of the paraty's. I just gave her a look :mad: and then she processed the return. Sometimes, I just wish the SAs would keep their mouths shut. I'll probably still buy chloes, just no paraty for me.