Paraty! Eggplant vs dove vs rock

  1. Omg!! Ur marcie is gorgeous!! Its on my shopping list!!!
  2. @sandysandiego: the pic of your DOVE haunts me till date.. I saved up and was about to pick one from Hgbags.. when someone told me that the shoulder strap cannot be shortened and I need a shoulder strap.. I m just 5 feet...:smile:

    Hopefully someday they will come up with adjustable strap option....
  3. Yep... Price in not lovely... If ever I buy a Paraty or a Givenchy... it will be from Hgbags.. because they are discounted... never from the store... cannot afford... :smile:
  4. Love love love your Marcie! Is it ash? I was drooling over an ash Marcie and would have got it if I could find it but I really wanted a Paraty first!
  5. I finally ordered a rock!!!!! Cant wait to c it!!!
  6. Congrats!! You are going to LOVE it!!
  7. I used to have rock, sold it and I am happy with my dove now. The new dove is totally beautiful, feminine and so easy to match with any outfits. It's like light beige with little brown . Same color as Starbucks ice vanilla latte , lol.
    Rock is very nice too. I just have too many dark color bags, and specially in paraty style, I completely agree with one of ladies here that this style looks prettier in light color or even pop striking fun colors .