Paraty Deals??

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  1. I have heard of people getting some pretty fantastic discounts on Chloe bags and i was just wondering if this applies to the Paraty and if so, what a good deal would be. I have had my eye on this bag for a while but haven't seen it on sale, does this happen??
  2. I have gotten fantastic deals on Heloise but the best I've seen with Paraty is Bluefly where it ranges in the $1436. or so. They are hard to find and go quickly but someone's getting them because they seem to always be sold. I got two Paratys with 10% off by signing up for Sak's emails. They send you a 10% off code within a day or two of signing up.
  3. I got one a while ago for 50% off but I haven't seen deals on them for quite a while now.
  4. I also got 10% off my caramel paraty from Saks for opening up an account. I had the cash saved & then paid it all off. Sometimes the SA in stores will give you 10% off too. You have to pay tax from those department stores though. So I got mine for about the retail price after the 10% plus tax. If not for the 10% I would have paid over $2,000.

    HG bags sells authentic paratys for around $1,395 without tax. I have heard of ladies who have bought theirs from them. Last time I looked, they had quite a few in nice colors.
  5. Wow, congrats on getting such a grat deal Jaime! Thanks to everyone for the tips, I am definitely going to look into them all. Beachgirl38, any idea why HG bags is so much cheaper than everyone if they are authentic?
  6. I have wondered that myself! Does anyone else know why HG bags is cheaper? I have never bought from them, but I have heard that they are authentic bags that they sell. I just loved the caramel paraty & how perfect the leather feels/looks so that is why I bought from Saks. You can also check out ebay or bonanza, but please authenticate before you buy!

    Good luck and please let us know what you end up getting! Pictures too please! Paraty is such a beautiful, well made bag, I get tons of compliments when I carry it.
  7. Is HG bags for sure authentic? I don't mean to come off like I don't trust you ladies, but I'm just wondering why they would be so much cheaper. I would like to get a paraty by the end of the year and I want to get a good deal and make sure it's authentic.
  8. I don't blame you at all! I also wonder why they are so much cheaper if they are new. They are not listed on Chloe's website as an authorized retailer but I have noticed the feedback on TPF say that they sell authentic bags mostly Balenciaga & some other brands including Chloe. Does anyone else know why HG bags sells Chloe so much cheaper & if the bags are definately authentic?

    Do be sure to authenticate on this forum before you buy a bag from any retailer/second hand seller other than the authorized ones. Good luck!
  9. I have bought balenciaga bags from hgbags and I haven't got any Chloe but I don't think she would risk her reputation by selling fake Chloes while selling authentic balenciagas, celines, and proenza schouler bags...she's been selling bags since 2002 and is very popular among balenciaga, Proenza Schouler ladies, and also Celine ladies too (check out the Celine forum, she's mentioned there quite often too) and so I am pretty sure she sells authentic Chloes. :smile:
  10. Luisviaroma has chloe on sale...
  11. Yes all her bags are new and authentic. I have purchased both Bottega and Bal from HG and have been extremely pleased both with the bags and the service.
  12. Beyond the Rack has few paraty on sale today.
  13. 2012 Chloe Black Paraty medium
    2011 and 12 Marcie's in medium and large

    I just ordered one of the black paraty's. I've purchased from Erica before - everything is authentic but if you are still unsure go ahead and have the bags authenticated here.

    I'm sharing as her prices are much better than retail and I always love a better deal! The medium paraty's are $1895 retail on the major department store web sites.

    I have bought Bottega and Balenciaga from Erica and have been very pleased.
  14. I just ordered the black suede & leather Paraty from Yoogi`s Closet the other night. I jumped on the purchase right away since I had been looking at a couple different "reputable sites" for that style.
    Does anyone know if this site is really trustworthy? I`m having second thoughts after looking at pics of the piping on corners of bag.

    If anyone can put me at ease- much appreciated! I was so excited, but now starting to doubt.
  15. Yoogi's closet is quite should be fine! congrats, don't forget to share pictures.