Paraty and Ethel bags at Chloe outlet

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  1. #1 Jul 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2009
    I got these pics from Hava at the Chloe outlet!

    The outlet price of the paraty bags are $1231.70. The color names are old
    pink and sable. We also have a python small paraty (original retail
    $3820.00 and we are selling it at outlet price which is $2483.00)

    The Ethel bags we have are the classic handbags not the totes. We have
    these colors: nutmeg (warm brown), mastic (which is somewhat a light
    grey...or beige), and black,. Retail they are $1295 and outlet they are

    She also has some baby paddies....

    Chloe Boutique
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
    822 Grapevine Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    Tel. (845)928-6260
    Fax (1) 845-928-6901

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  2. guys have any idea when they will have more % off?
  3. They don't have any more of the Paraty in old pink. =( Is this color still available in the small size? Preferably on sale?
  4. just visited the woodbury commons outlet and they had no paraty or ethel totes. they had a weird version of the sally. some of the heloise and paddy's looked like they were pinkberry and there were a couple in a pale pink that was so nice. there was a heloise in a blue shade that was really attractive too. they are having a huge sale this weekend also. The sales people were all in back of the counter talking instead of helping customers which was kind of annoying!
  5. ^Oh huge sale..what items and how much % off?
  6. i THINK it was 90% off ready to wear. when i had called before i went they said the sally was 40 or 50% off but the black one was 25% off- note they are not the normal sallys. I didn't ask or look for prices for the others.
  7. Do you know if the outlet stores take phone orders and ship?
  8. I believe so!
  9. They sure do and they will send pics by email too...
  10. I would love to find the Python Paraty at the outlet!! I saw the black Python at the Chloe boutique and Saks for full retail price this past weekend. Has anyone seen or heard about it being available at the Outlet since July? I've never purchased at the outlet and don't have a relationship with a SA there, do you think it would work to leave my contact info in case they get another in?