Parashu in Koreatown LA


Jan 28, 2008
Hi all, I visited a koreatown shopping mall earlier today and came upon this store called Parashu that sells a ton of balenciaga bags -- as well as Chloe, YSL, and Marc Jacobs. Many of the bags were piled on one another on a shelf or behind one another on a hanger, and there were many that were older season colors. Being a newbie at balenciaga, I really couldn't tell whether the bags were real or not (although the prices suggested that they were!). Has anyone had experience with this store and whether their products are real? Thanks everyone in advance!


May 9, 2009
I'm not sure about that particular store but I see a lot of stores in Koreatown selling high end designers and honestly I just don't trust them. And in LA you have so many places to get your bags without having any doubt on authenticity, NM Barneys Bal on Melrose, etc. especially being a newbie, I just simply can't tell if something's real or not. and some fakes are really good, I just don't want to take any chances. And if you're looking for past season colors, I'd get it from ******.