Paranormal State on A&E

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  1. Ok, I didn't see a thread for this show, so I figured I'd be a tool and start one... Any other fans? Call me a dork, but I'm addicted. I've watched all the episodes on my DVR. :tup:

    I love the gay psychic, Chip... and the way he can always tell when there's some bad juju going on in a place...
  2. I've watched the show a few times. But I don't find it credible. Just seems like too many people in one area (Pennsylvania) for all this stuff to happen?? They always seem to find bad juju in every episode which to me isn't realistic.

    I find ghost hunters probably the most credible, if anything. Because they try to rule out other things first before calling something paranormal. In a lot of episodes they end up with nothing which seems more realistic to me. I don't know just my opinion.
  3. This show creeps me out. Whenever I watch it, I always think I hear things, too!
  4. Me too! I can't watch it alone. Plus my apartment is an old warehouse, so it creaks all the time.
  5. love the show and ghost hunters too...paranormal state is done for new shows tho... repeats now....
  6. ITA with you! I have tried watching this show and it does not convince me of anything. Ghost Hunters is more believable to me for the exact reason you stated. Also, I feel that they are more "scientific" than on Paranormal State. I feel the same way about "Most Haunted". There is no science on that show and people get possessed like every episode. For those of you that like Ghost Hunters, there is also a thread for that show here!

    Although I will say that the main guy in Paranormal State is a cutie! :yes:
  7. Chip Coffey is hilarious. I love imitating him.:lol:
    It's not all in PA. They travel on most episodes to other states. The PRS investigators do try to rule out anything that can be explained with science before saying it's paranormal as well. It seems to vary with how much they show them doing that per episode, though; Some will show lots of the scientific aspect, and some will show barely any. They don't always end up with any hauntings, either.
    I must check out "Ghost Hunters" now. :yes:
  8. I have seen this show. I don't find it terribly credible, honestly. However, I still watch. I really liked "A Haunting" on the Discovery channel, but there are no new episodes for that. I'm just a sucker for any ghost or paranormal show, really.
  9. Thanks alot you guys:flowers:. I've just started watching them OnDemand! I'll let you know how I feel about the show in a few hours. I've got some episodes to get through.
  10. :bump:

    been watching this show a LOT lately, i love it!
  11. i watch it... just because i'm obsessed with 'real life' ghost shows... but sometimes it's frustrating... i want to see cold hard evidence like on ghost hunters!!!

    however i thought the exorcism episode (last season's finale?) was probably their best show

    and yea... the main guy... (ryan?)...his voice makes me melt....:love:
  12. Oh my, I totally forgot to come back and comment on the show....I LOVE IT and I'm totally hooked!
  13. i taped last night's shows and will watch them tonight
  14. My SO loves this show! I find it weird and not credible, but he would sit and watch this show all day (alone!) if he could!
  15. i think the difference between this show and ghost hunters is that GH are far more technically minded skeptics, who run a lot of tape and analyze it all with the eyes and ears of scientists.

    PS seem far more interested in the back stories, how it effects the client, means of communicating with the paranormal (hence their psychics). for this reason, i find PS a bit more compelling. it's less like a scientific analysis, and more of a human & spiritual connection to the hauntings.

    i haven't seen GH really get THAT much more than PS, but i haven't seen all of GH. i think they did capture something that may have been an apparition, at an old prison, is that right?

    i find that both shows have similarly compelling evidence.