Paranoid GHD


Sep 13, 2007
I found the one my friend got me was fake so i decided to buy one at sephora for the USA version today i got it and when i was looking for the 15 serial number on my styling iron i couldnt find it ,on my cord there is only keep away from children and on the styler is gh styler north america but i cant find the code you guys dont think its fake do you im getting paranoid since i bought it at sephora
please help


Apr 18, 2006
Suburbs of LA
why don't you use it and see if it works as well as it should? if it is from sephora it is probably not fake although I guess someone can do a bait & switch.


Aug 3, 2006
I purchased mine from Folica, and verified the authenticity with GHD. Mine is the 1.75" and it only has the "keep away from children" thing on the cord, and from what I've read on all of these sites comparing authentic ones & fake ones... the 1.75" does not have the hologram like all of the 1" ones do. If you purchased it from Sephora it should be authentic. You should have a datecode on the inside of the iron near the on/off switch. You can always call GHD like I did, and find out if your particular iron is authentic. Also, as ally24k mentioned, try it out for yourself and see how it works. I would imagine that if it's fake it won't work at all like the real GHDs.

Which GHD iron do you have?


Purse crazed
Feb 23, 2008
Northern California/Central Valley
I have the GHD styler bought from (was only available for a limited time). Mine is authentic as far as I can tell and it is IMO a frizzy haired girl's dream! Here are some pics (because if you are like me, I'm a very visual person. You could describe something to me in detail and I still wouldn't get it until I saw it!) Once again this is the GHD style 4.1b (according to the sticker)

I hope this helps people who aren't sure they have real GHDs. I think if you buy from reputable places like Sephora and Costco, you are OK. Printed on the cord over and over again is "E205423 (UL)-(CUL) NISPT-1 VW-1 105C 300V 18AWGX2C CHICK YUET" Whatever that means.