Paranoid - Chanel

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  1. Do you ladies ever get paranoid about wearing your Chanel purse in public.
  2. #2 Jun 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
    Depends where I am. In NY/NJ area it's really common to see everyone with Chanel bags. But it's worse when I'm wearing my jewelry esp the expensive stuff like my e-ring or opulent traditional (Indian) jewelry paired with Chanel. I'm more careful then. Or while traveling too, I'm much more careful in a foreign place.
  3. Probably depends where you are. Just don't bring your Chanel in places where it could easily get stolen or ruined!
  4. A little, when i traveled to vietnam i had to wear a tory burch while i was out and about. But if i go to the mall then i wear my chanel.
  5. I am more paranoid of scratching the lambskin then wearing it in public :smile:
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  6. No. If I am traveling somewhere where it could be an issue, I simply leave all jewelry and expensive bags home. I want to enjoy myself.
  7. depends where you live i think, its kind normal in new york city. you can easily see me and other ladies wear chanel when we catch subway. you see a lot of style people with their beatiful pieces (not just chanel, like lv gucci etc) take our dirty subway...... hahah, i love nyc,but comeone new york subway really suck but easy to travel around city. i would save up my urber money everyday to afford my chanel. hahha .just be careful with your chanel, you ll be fine.
  8. Yeah I would not wear it when touring around the city, esp when it is so crowded.

    Last week, I went to Madrid and saw a lady walking around the de sol area with her Chanel flap, which is inside a clear plastic tote bag.
  9. +1

    But in Singapore where I live, branded purses, including Chanel, are a very common sight, and I don't feel unsafe at all carrying my Chanels around.
  10. That seems alittle silly haha
  11. I live in the Bay area/San Francisco and its quite common especially in the city to see others wear a Chanel purse. If Im with my husband and we travel together, I really don't worry that much, I use my Chanel wherever (I guess, it helps that he's a big guy and looks intimidating:biggrin:)
  12. I live in LA and gotta love the added security of going around in your own car. I use my Chanel almost everywhere coz of that, just because I have the added benefit of leaving it in the car when I don't want to have it with me (i.e. Grocery shopping , taking money from atm)..

    For traveling, I don't take my special bags with me, nor any expensive jewelry that I'll regret if I lose. I take my handy dandy longchamp tote
  13. I don't mind public, the one that make me paranoid are my cats! somehow they just love to claw my lambskin.... uhuhuh!
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  14. Im paranoid with the caviar being dry and peeled off a little. Im also paranoid seeing uneven stitching in a purse like chanel. Makes me think the bag is fake. Lol!

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  15. I get paranoid taking my Chanel in the car!! One of my kids always gets the front seat and that leaves me not knowing where to put my bag??? If it goes in the back seat am a nervous wreck that it will get damaged by falling or others in the back seat hurting it..So I tend to use my Chanel when I am alone bc thats when my Chanel gets shot gun.. lol