Paranoid about things on my bags LOL

  1. So is this just me ???. I dont have many high end designer bags and accessories, I only have a few but when I come in my room sometimes my mum has put stuff on top of my high end designer bags, sometimes its only socks but I go mad :cursing:. I just hate anything touching them. I have to wash my hands before touching them and I hate even a carrier bags edges touching them. I know its awful but I just cant stand anything on them :sweatdrop:
  2. I do baby my Chanels and Hermes. I keep them in a sleeper and box when I am not using them.
  3. I am always worried about anything that gets on my bags, like little specs of dust or stuff like that. I do the same thing where i don't want anything touching them.
  4. Aww thats cute and completely understandable!! Mine do not touch the floor, have their own place of storage, and completely babied to my hearts content. I'm going to just throw around my paychecks here!
  5. i'm absolutely terrible :shame: i throw them around pretty much however, but with my lifestyle i could never handle being too precious about my bags, i bike in the rain, fly all the time and put them below the seat in front without a dustbag (oh yes :wtf: ), go on yucky public transport.. and most of them don't even show it! my one celine boogie had an incident with who knows what in the overhead compartment on a plane and it has what looks like watermarks at the bottom, other than that only the vachetta on my vuittons shows any sign of wear. oh and the bv with the unfortunate cleanser leakage incident but that's off being remedied right now. the fact that i can't stand pastel colours probably has a lot to do with my bags coming through all their abuse quite nicely though!
  6. Me, too...I am pretty rough on my bags....sometimes I feel bad :shame: when I see them tossed about, but usually get over it pretty fast.:shrugs:
  7. i just think if i pay that much for them they'd better be able to stand what i put them through! and it's not like i leave them lying around in a pile of dirt at home, i do clean them and put them in their dustbags and such.. but when i'm using them pretty much anything goes.
  8. all my bags excluding my dior messenger bags are in the closet.. nothing else should be touching them and when bf says mean things about them, i get pissed..... the messenger bag, i use it daily so it's all over the place, but definitely, not on the floor nor on top of a table........
  9. I am pretty picky with my bags too. I NEVER set them on the floor. I always look very carefully at any surface before I set my bag on it. I even run my hand over the surface to see if there's anything sticky that might not be visible. I won't set my bag on a table where there are food or drinks, because I don't want anything spilled on my bag. I won't hang my bag on a chair, because I am afraid that hanging from a chair will cause the strap to get misshapen. I also worry that hanging it on a chair in a restaurant will result in it getting stolen. My bag sits next to me in a restaurant booth or it gets it own chair next to me. I don't like anyone touching my bag or getting near it with objects that could stain or damage it. My sister sat at the table near my bag and started using a magic marker, and I told her to get that marker away from my bag! My mom knew I would have a coronary if my bag got marker on it, so she told my sister to take her marker somewhere else.
  10. like annanas and twinkle...

    i am TERRIBLE.. my chanel petit shopper has gotten a beating... and my vavin.. my school bag.. lol i just replaced the handles becuase they were almost black...i litteraly throw my bags around..and i have ran in the rain with my vavin... dropped it many times.. and some people have kicked it [accidentally] when im at school...
  11. My Prada messenger is on the floor right now, and I really couldn't care less. I put it on the floor at school, on the bus, etc., and I don't give it a second thought. When it gets dirty, all it needs is a wipe with a wet cloth and it looks brand new. :amuse:
  12. LOL don't feel bad--I am totally paranoid about my bags!!
  13. Oh my god I am such a bag slob!! They get put on the floor, bashed, wet and squished when i'm on the tube!! I overstuff them with all the crap I carry round daily - I know I should treat them better when i'm using them but I have to live my life as well. At home I do use the dust bags etc- but they get crammed into my already overflowing wardrobe - it's just me i'm afraid, I know I should treat 'em better!
  14. OMG I just remebered when I was on a flight to france and the stuardess took my keepall off me and put into overhead storage no where near me...I could have fainted !. I felt like shouting "That bag is worth over £500 !"
  15. I tend to baby them at first and then with regular use, I take care of them but don't baby them as much anymore. After all, they're bags and meant to be used. Especially the more expensive ones. I better use them or else I can't justify the purchase of it.