Paranoia regarding LV purchasing & when your SO purchases for you.

  1. I know many of us on the purse forum have regular SA they purchase from... but what of those who do not purchase often and do not know the SAs?

    After picking out the item I would like to purchase, checking it for flaws, and letting the SA know this is the one I want... they usually go in the back to package it up for you while you pay. I do not actually get to see them put that particular item into the dustbag and box and wrap it up. Then they just hand you the item all wrapped nicely in the LV shopping bag. I don't know about everyone else but I am always paranoid about:
    1) Whether they gave me the EXACT SAME bag as the one I had picked out and not some other one that may have flaws. Maybe they got it mixed up or purposely switched it.
    2) Did they include everything that comes with the bag?? (Including a dust bag in the right size and the lock, and the box that comes with the lock?)
    Last time I purchased the SA put the lock on for me and did not give me the box for it! I do not know if she just gave me a used one that was lying around or if she simply forgot to include the box. Nevertheless I do not leave the lock on my bag and now I do not have the original box to store it in. It's just a box but it sucks nevertheless!! So yes, now... as much as I would like to open my new LV items, wrapped like a present, in the comfort of my own home... I feel the need to open it a few feet outside the LV store where there might be benchs and check to make sure everything is okay like a crazy woman!

    Also, after reading hk1004's post about her ordeal returning her trouville it occured to me that SAs may try to take advantage of our significant others or dear hubbys and other male friends who may be purchasing items. I have found that women are more likely than men to check every detail on the bag for flaws of any kind or severity before purchasing where as men... I can sooo picture my SO doing this.. simply walk in, ask for the one you want, and say 'pack it up' and leave right afterwards. Most guys don't know to check for flaws, or make sure the dustbag is there and in a size that fits. In hk1004's case the SA gave her hubby a used/display item and then blamed them when they tried to exchange!! They almost were unable to exchange as they were blamed for the flaws. :rant: I am always afriad if my SO purchases for me. What if he comes back without a dustbag? In my experience stores often refuse to give you another one. Worse yet, what if he comes back with a used bag? Or a scratched one? Or a stained one? :wtf:

    So yes, now I feel super paranoid! :shrugs:

    Oh and last point, I have read so many posts about people given a hard time by SA when exchanging. The SA's don't own LV, it doesn't cost them anything to exchange especially if the customer is given something that is flawed so I don't get why some feel the need to be so mean and rude about it.
  2. I usually open the packages up there in the store too after they give it to me for one last check. A little weird but I think they just think I'm excited.
  3. 1) I'm sure they'll give you the bag you picked , it's not like they'll have the ones with flaws under the counter and purposely sell these to new customers:sneaky:
    2) Sometimes they forget to include the tags but that's fine. OHhh I never let my DH shop for me (unless it's a surprise from him:graucho: ). I know what you mean about men not being "picky". But if I see flaws when I get home I always go back and exchange it without problems (as long as it's within one month from date of purchase) As for dust bags I always make sure I ask for a bigger size ones before they wrap it as to me the sizes they came in tend to be a bit 'tight' for the bag. I actually went to the boutique on the weekend and asked for an extra dustbag with drawstring and he just gave one to me ( but the SA knows me and no I'm not a VIP). So I don't know about other boutiques but Downunder they're pretty generous with dust bags:yes:.
    So so far I've no problems with SAs in Australia;)
  4. I'm just like you, melikemochi!

    I admit that I am totally paranoid about such stuff... especially major purchases. When I bought my Speedy, the SA just put on the lock and keys and packed it right up without letting me check the lock and I asked her if she's placed the lock properly and stuff and she said yeah it's all good.

    Later on my bf's sis asked to see the lock and we realised there was a stain on it. I returned to the store to get the lock replaced and the SA gave me a new lock but no new keys since according to her the lock was the only defective part and the keys were ok. She didn't know that the lock and key number had to match. So she had to give me brand new keys to match the new lock as well. But the experience was not good because she wasn't courteous and she was the one who didn't allow me to check the lock in the first place.

    Now I gotta be more cautious when shopping there. But it's always good to check to make sure things are in order so that you don't have to go back again to exchange... They will make it seem like you're careless when you made the purchase.

    P.S. Btw, when I meet a rude SA and end up purchasing something, I do wonder if the SA will purposely cut up/damage my bag while wrapping it up just to spite me. :lol: I'm crazy like this.
  5. :roflmfao: Hahahha!!! I am so glad that there are others out there as paranoid as me!! :drinks: I swear I'm not this bad... its only when I purchase LV. =P And yes, I hate how some SA always seem to blame you for their mistake in giving you something flawed. Maybe I just have bag luck!

    Lee69: It sucks they forget the tags. I would want the tags just because I want my purchase to be complete with everything (then I use them to sell fakes.... j/k.) I have heard some people say some stores stopped giving out the tags but I am not positive. I am happy to hear that in Australia the SA are pretty generous with the dustbags. ;) I have had such a hard time here in the States. It was about 10 stores and almost 2 months later when I finally got a dustbag that fit.
  6. I sometimes will just wrap the item infront of the customer! I know it sounds really tacky, but at least a customer can see what I am doing - and yeah there won't be any concerns.

    I have had customers intensely stare at me, but I understand their concerns - so yeah I really handle their bag with care when packaging.

    It is all good :smile: If I could let you back in the stock room to let you watch me, I would! Believe me! :smile:

    - Laurence
  7. Yeah, sometimes they just give me one tag (material). I know what you mean....after spending hundreds or even thousands it better be perfect!:rolleyes:
    If you ever come to Sydney don't forget to visit LV (only 2 stores in Sydney) but their service is excellent;)
  8. Laurence... your awesome!!! :love: With SA as cool and friendly as you I would have no fears whatsoever, but there are some other shady SAs out there not to mention the plain rude ones who just might make a mistake. I've been meaning to message you to tell you I FINALLY got a dustbag from the manager at the Wynn store in Las Vegas. She is such a sweet lady!! I had called the Forum Shops at Ceasers but the manager told me they only got one for each bag and tough luck. :wtf: Anyways, next time I visit socal I will be sure to visit you instead of the SCP store!!! I've been eyeing the wapity, the drawstring dustbag that comes with it is so cute!!! ... but I hear multicolor wears off so that scares me.
  9. =D Sure thing. My dad once told me Sydney is worth visiting. Are prices any lower there? :P I hear they are cheaper in HK, Hawaii, and Europe than here in the States.
  10. the only time i saw the room where they pack up your purchase was in hong kong. i was able to see into the room when i was standing by the cashier counter. there are boxes everywhere! so, there should be no reasons why you shouldn't get a box with your purchase.

    otherwise, the other LV boutiques i have been to, the packing room is hidden from any viewers.
  11. Were they nice in HK? I hope no one gets offended but IMO SAs in Hong Kong can be extremely rude no matter where... especially those people who sell stuff on the street. I'd go to Japan where serivce is awesome but they charge so much more than the States there. =P Ever since I've heard that LV is cheaper in HK I've been itching to go again!!! I always assumed they were the same price everywhere so I never bothered going in.
  12. You are very welcome!

    I would totally love to meet you too!

    I am glad you got your dustbag and good to hear the manager was very nice to you too.

    There are some shady SA's out there and it is disgusting... I swear if I could slap some of them and not get into trouble I would! haha, I'd be like "YEAH EAT MINI ELLIPSE, EAT IT, EAT IT..." haha I have issues, lol... no no some SA's need a good reality check I swear!

    Aw well hope you get a Wapity! That would be so hot it if was avail. in like the Epi colors! Ooo. Yeah I think I would personally get the Wapity in Monogram.

    At least say hi at my store, I know my selection is kinda limited - unlike LV-SCP...but it always nice to get visitors!
  13. well...hong kong have tons of LV boutiques but they are always so busy. sometimes it is bit hard to get a SA to help you because there isn't enough around compared to the amount of customers they get. so there is a longer wait for a SA. it just depends on which SA you get because i had some okay ones and some really nice ones. but hong kong is definitely the place to buy LV because of the prices and no tax!

    when i went to japan, the first thing i noticed was that everyone(meaning not only the SA but people in general) is so nice and polite. but yeah, the exchange rate is not so great so i don't buy LV whenever i am there:crybaby:
  14. Unfortunately LV here is not cheaper:sad: eg/ Papillon 30 = about
    US $930 but as a tourist you can claim TRS of about 10% upon leaving the country:yes: Oh yes! You have to visit Australia ,we can go shopping together then:graucho:
  15. Laurence is awesome, he seems so nice, down to earth etc! Much unlike the SA at our store in toronto and I swear everytime we go there they are so stupid and dont care about customers, they forget our names and we buy SO much! not to mention because they forget us, one of us has to bring a LV piece with us into the store otherwise we get ignored! and they are all like that, usually i'd just ignore them and be like, well your loss, if u were nicer u could have mad a nice sale, but they are ALL so snooty and rude! I ONLY want to buy from Laurence now! he is so nice I swear, lol btw does the wapity MC wear off? I was gonna get 1 for my camera. And Laurence do u guys have the mage, I want one but theres a 2 month waiting list for the colour i want here (I was like wtf it's not even special) but apparantly the colour is really rare now. I'll have to make sure I get one from u when I come (if our trip doesnt get scre*ed up again!) either way we all wanna come visit u! haha I told my mom and she was like "really? a SA THAT nice?" the thing is with my mom when a SA is nice (Especially at vuitton) SHE BUYS! lmao its so funny, she always comes back from holts, "BUT the SA was SOOOOOOOOO nice!" haha