paranasal implants removal

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  1. Hi

    anyone out here did paranasal implants and wished to have it removed? i am regretting i did it.

    issues i am currently facing
    - implants pulling my face down makes my face look longer, i can feel the pull too
    - sides of my face seems "swollen', my teeth cannot close like it used too.
    - tightness in my face. especially the eye area
    - there is a sensation of a bun being stuffed in my mouth still, i don't know if it is nerve or muscles being pulled.

    Anyway i am from singapore , anyone who wants to chat about it can pm me..
  2. Hi,
    I am from singapore too. I just did mine 2 weeks ago but they used fats graft for it. What is your implant and how long have u done it already?
  3. Hi,
    I am from singapore too. I just did mine 2 weeks ago but they used fats graft for it. What is your implant and how long have u done it already?
  4. Hi

    next week 24/2/2012 will be the 4th month. things do not look good but i am afraid if i remove the skin may sag. my ps used goretex. sucks. should not have done it.
  5. im so sorry to hear that.

    Where did you get it done and how long ago did you have the procedure done? Because if its only a few months ago you may be swollen.
  6. 4th month you will still be swollen. Also where did he position the implant? is it under the muscle or above? That makes a difference in your comfort and flexibility.

    I personally have not had it done but it seems the best method for paranasal augmentation is using hydroxyappatite. Most natural and permanent results. I only know of one surgeon who can do it beautifully since he is the one that pioneered the method.
  7. What is hydroxyappatite?
  8. Not many people know about this since only very very few surgeons are able to perform it. its a material from corals. They extract the gel and turn it into a solid piece resembling a regular hard silicone implant or they process it into a granule form. The solid piece is like virtually the same as an artificial implant hence useless. Its the granule form that is amazing. I used it for my concentric malar lift with really pleasing results.

    Basically the surgeon takes your blood, mix it with the granules into a putty form. Then it is moulded onto your bone to match your bone structure. After 2 weeks it fuses with your bone and becomes part of your bone strucutrure. And bcos its mixed with your blood the infection rate is as low as that of your own harvested material.
  9. Hi

    @K couture, i did mine paranasals in korea which doctor erm i do not wish to mention so openly. But he is not as widely mentioned as those regular ones in the forum. i did mine 3 months and 2 weeks back only. good question i not sure above the muscle or under but i will email him. Thanks. :smile: What is the diff above or under the muscles which will cause discomfort?
  10. when placed under the muscle there is less movement of the implant so you have more flexibility of your facial muscles around that area. Request the post op report. Tho i assume its going to be in korean so maybe request a translated version if possible?
  11. it's like stone... that attaches to the bone! haha. it's porous (it has holes in it) and it's like a mineral, when it's put against the bone or anywhere blood vessels will grow inside the holes to it will attach itself and become part of your body. It's good because it won't be floating around...
  12. corals? sorry haha i thought it's like dug up from the ground or something... i know about it bc it's also used to heal broken bones.
  13. Wrong ps,

    If u don't like it, pls remove early coz i heard it's more difficult to remove goretex than silicon. Anyone correct me if I m wrong pls
  14. Do you know which clinics in Korea can do this?
  15. no i don't sorry. This method was invented by Bryan Mendelson from Melbourne. I know he has taught it to some surgeons from brasil and korea who came down for a medical visit tho. He's also very pricey. cost me 30 000 aussie dollars for it!