Paramus Nordstroms: Chole's on Sale Hurry

  1. Was just at the garden state plaza. Nordstroms has two chloes on sale. Not sure of the names of the bags but am attaching pics. Gold one is 893.90 & brown is about 770
    (201) 843-1122 ask for handbags and sa is jack.

    Hope someone gets it:tup:
    brown.jpg gold.jpg
  2. The brown one looks like the Ollie and the gold one is the Edith hobo. Great bags for anyone who's looking.
  3. Towson Nordies(in MD) has the gold hobo too for @ $570ish!!! Speak with Mary she has all the info!
  4. The brown one is an Ollie and it looks like the large Ollie as i have the black version of this bag. Its scrummy.