Paramount Set to Drop HD DVD for Blu-ray

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  1. Paramount Set to Drop HD DVD for Blu-ray

    Tue Jan 8, 2008 10:54AM EST
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    How many "death blows" will it take for Blu-ray to finally win the format war against HD DVD? I've been hearing that phrase (and writing about it) since July 2007. Well here comes another one. Following in the footsteps of Warner Brothers' abandonment of the HD DVD format, reports are surfacing that Paramount is headed to Blu-ray as well.

    This is huge news not just because it would leave just one major studio (Universal, plus the mini-major DreamWorks) producing HD DVD content. It would mark the first time in the high-def war that a studio has abandoned one exclusive format and switched to another. Warner was producing both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs and merely dropped the HD DVD ones. Paramount will have to switch entirely to Blu-ray, which it has not been producing up to now.

    According to the Financial Times, Paramount has a clause in its contract with the HD DVD camp allowing it to switch to Blu-ray in the event that Warner was to do so. And exercising that clause is what's about to happen. It's also theorized that DreamWorks will follow Paramount, since the studios are closely tied together.
    Nothing's been announced yet, but this should be wrapped up in fairly short order. Stay tuned.

  2. I literally don't know one person with Blu-Ray.
  3. what exactly is blu ray?? ive heard of it, but ieno what it is?? does it play on DVD players?? or do we need a new system??
  4. ^^^ that's because it's something very new.

    ^ no, you can't play it on the old DVD players, you need to buy a blu-ray player.

    basically, it is a DVD but the quality is better and it has more space (like 50 GB).
  5. Not sure if it is an urban legend, but I always heard that the porn industry set the standard for video formatting. They went with BluRay in mid December. I still can't see a difference between regular dvd, hd dvd and BluRay.
  6. Really? I notice a huge difference, though we've only get a few HD channels and have a HD DVD (add on to the Xbox), I've never actually seen BluRay.

    So I assume Warner Brothers isn't going ahead with THD then?
  7. Wonder who's collecting the technology royality on the Blu Ray?
    This royality on the DVD format ran out last year.
  8. that was true in the VHS vs. BetaMax wars, but for some reason a lot of people don't think that the adult industry will make or break the next-gen DVD wars. i wrote a paper about the porn industry last semester, and i can't remember the reasoning behind this, but it made i know that, at the time, they were leaning towards HD-DVD because the process of writing the content to the discs was less expensive.

    i know a lot of people that either have HD or Blu-ray setups since i work in an electronics store, and honestly it seems like they're split 50-50. most people that have independent players have HD players since they're usually less expensive, but a lot of people have PS3s, and those play Blu-ray, since it's a Sony format. it's seemed to me all along that Blu-ray would win, for some reason, and this just gives me more evidence. i've put off buying a player until one format or the other becomes dominant.
  9. What about the players that support both formats, are they worth the price or is it better to wait to see which format becomes more dominant?
  10. we don't have either one yet but I'm pretty sure that when we decide to get one it'll most likely be blu-ray cuz that's what Disney chose and since we have two little kids..........guess that's what we'll be getting.
  11. most of the players that support both formats cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000. you could buy both machines, if you pay attention to sales, for $500-$600. IMO, they're COMPLETELY not worth it.
  12. Thanks Amanda, I definitely won't be getting one of those then!
  13. I remember we bought our first DVD player when it first came out and it was $500 dollars. Now you can get one for $50. I think I'll wait until the prices go down for the Blu-ray. Plus, I'm happy with the quality and prices of DVDs. Blue ray discs are a little too expensive.