Parakeet name suggestions!

  1. Hey everyone! I just got a bird today! My first is green and yellow with some black (the black looks like little kiwi seeds) so we named her Kiwi. This new one is all white with redish eyes. What should I name him?

  2. Oh! He's really cute! How about Sky? He looks like a cloud!

    Birds are my favorite pets! Most of our birds have had names that are related to heavenly objects... We've had a fischer named Hale-Bopp and a 'tiel named Ikeya both named after comets that had swung around when we adopted them...

    Our latest lovie is named Hina after the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, as we got her during a full moon... and she's very cream colored...

    Good luck with the naming!
  3. My parrot's name is Kiwi, too!

    We had two parakeets.... Unfortunately they are no longer with us, but they were fabulous little birds with lots of personality. We had a blue one we called Filbert, and a green & yellow that we called Princess Buttercup. :heart:
  5. He's so cute! I have a parakeet called clover and a quaker "bob". I like the name Junkenpo came up with Sky.
  6. I thought about Sky too. I think that's the one! ahh yay! Thanks everyone! =D
  7. To get started choosing parakeet names you should look at your pet for distinguishing features and personality.You may really like the sound of calling you friend “Steve” or “Abby”. Choose parakeet names that you like the best.

    Parakeet Names | Parakeet Sounds
  8. My bf from high school had a parakeet named Cheeky. I thought that was so cute!
  9. Mr Jingles?
  10. keetkeet.
  11. Super old thread....
  12. OMG I didnt even see that this is from 2007!! I was really hoping she would name her bird MR JINGLES!!!! lol!!!! Im outta here!!!
  13. ^Lol!
  14. Aaaahhhhhhh..........but think of those future tPFers desperately trying to come up with a name for their new budgie. They do a search and ...........voila! Mr Jingles! ;) :lol:
  15. Lol!!!!!! The bird might have flown away by now and is lost somewhere in bird land and we are here thinking "hmmmm...Mr Jingles sounds good, what about Mr Feathers?". Lol!!!!!!!!!