1. does anyone know where the print paradiso is available? i know we have bella at waikele but thats not my type of bag. i want paradiso in mm, bv, or bambinone
  2. >___> Lj.
  3. i think there was a post by One_s2 about a store in Canada that still had a few styles. Maybe you should PM her?

    Paradiso's also still on eBay a lot.. Although I'd never pay $180 for a Ciao Ciao (since I got mine for $105~) :p
  4. Go to the Waikiki DFS, there's a LSS boutique inside I think 2nd floor. Of course it will be Hawaii retail though (that 20% or so markup).
  5. I see a lot of paradiso on eBay~
  6. they still have paradiso? if you know for sure ill be heading there tomorrow
  7. the placement of the bags at that store in canada wasnt what i was looking for, they sent me pics
    thanks though