Paradiso re-release in Hawaii - TODAY!!

  1. hey ladies, since no one has posted it yet, the re-release for Paradiso starts TODAY!! get your check book ready. also, they limited the amount to buy, two bags i think.
  2. Hawaii girls, give a report when you can! :smile:
  3. Yes, a report with pictures and possible differences in the original bags and the re-released bags??:tup: I cringe at seeing the prices on eBay! YIKES!:sweatdrop:
  4. no real difference, but it comes with the adios qee rather than the white bear qee.

    i bought a beautiful zucca :smile:
  5. Please post pictures Hawaii girls . Paradiso is my all time favorite print ! I never grow tired of looking at Paradiso bags . Hawaii girls how was the inventory ? Was there a mob when the Lesportsac stores opened ? Please give all the details !
  6. pzh, inferno is waaaaaay better i want 1
  7. why are they re-releasing in hawaii only??why not anywhere else ?
  8. Does anyone know if the paradiso rerelease comes in the avventura style? I would LOVE to have one!!! I can't find any on eBay as yet.
  9. Yep, all the re-releases will have the Avventura style. I was almost going to buy a gorgeous Foresta Avventura during the Foresa re-release, but it was close to $300 due to Hawaii retail prices.
  10. Oh wow, a Foresta Avventura would be amazing! Too bad it was so expensive.

    As for Paradiso, it's actually one of my least favorite prints. I love Inferno, on the other hand. I think that probably doesn't bode well for me in the afterlife. :p
  11. I was at Ala Moana Center yesterday and happened to stop by the LSS store (hadn't read this thread yet!) and was so excited to see the Paradiso goodies out! Unfortunately, the stock was nearly bare, as the SA informed me that it was re-released on Wednesday, just as tdeguzman shared with us.

    I really wanted a BV, and the kind SA called all the other LSS stores and was able to find one for me at the Hyatt LSS. I zoomed over there immediately to get it into my hot little hands and found out it was the last one available! Best of all, it has Sushi Boy right on the front.

    The Hyatt store had quite a good selection. I saw Caramella, Avventura, Mamma Mia, Stellina, Gioco, and Zucca there on display as well.

    Best of all, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the BV was "only" $194 +tax. I paid well over $200 retail for my Vacanze BV.

    Hope this was helpful to you all!
  12. I was at ala moana yesterday...they still had paradisos in bella as well as spiaggias.
  13. Leilani, sounds like we were on the same path! :smile:

    I went to the AM store Friday (15th) morning w/ my sis (who just flew into town from Virginia 10 hours prior) and picked up the last Paradiso Avventura and a Caramella. My sis picked up the only Trenino that came in. Since I really wanted the MM, the SA called the other LSS stores and we zipped over to the Waikiki Shopping Plaza location and picked up their last MM and another Avventura. They validated our parking for free for an hour, so we walked over to the Galleria to ck out their LSS stuff, where my sis grabbed a Citta Rosa Bambinone. We went back to AM to visit the MAC store and the SA had a toki watch (with the moving vinyl record) so we huffed over to Island Snow where my sis got the last one.

    What an expensive day!
  14. methinks that seller put that bag in the wrong category!!!