Paradiso Re-Release (and need advice fr those that went to Foresta re-release)

  1. hi... i know there are already some threads that mention the re-release of paradiso, but i need advice and probably those that attended the foresta re-release can best answer from experience! being in san diego, there's no way i'll get to go to the re-release :tdown: i've been searching for a corriere w sushi boy in the front for the longest time now, and i'm worried that a reseller will post it for over $300

    • the most important question: anybody know yet when is the re-release for paradiso?
    • how many days did it take for hawaii to sell-out of forestas? did they do it for one day, or spread it out?
    • is it just ala moana that'll have the re-releases?
    • do you think that this time the store will actually limit the number of bags one can buy per person (instead of the boxload like that one person)?
    • will they take phone orders?
    • will they take phone orders with a credit card?
    • if they only take money order, when does the money order have to be there by?
    • what do they charge for shipping to the US?
    • how friendly is the staff there? :heart:

    thanks for checking out this post and your comments/advice in advance! :p
  2. my fave. SA said hopefully before Valentine's Day...
    she said it will be a small shipment, so not sure how long it will take to sell out
    i'm pretty sure it'll be ala moana, and the waikiki stores
    they take phone order, but only money orders
    i have no idea about the other questions... about money orders and shipping
    but as for the staff, i love them! gizelle, yuka, tomomi, all of them are great!
  3. -the re-release is in February. they don't know the exact date yet.
    -a lot of the bags did sell out, but they did a second shipment.
    -all stores get the re-release, but I think Ala Moana gets there shipments first
    -you can buy w/ a money order, but I don't think they will hold anything, especially on the 1st day of the re-release.
    -nope they only take money orders
    -not sure how long you have?
    -the staff is very friendly!:tup:
  4. When the Foresta re-released happened, they were only sold Hawaii and Guam. I called US stores, and they "claimed" it was a rumor and that they were not going to get any re-releases.

    Ala Moana (HI) does take phone orders, and for payment it is money orders only. They knew I was from the mainland, and held two bags for me till my money order arrived (about two weeks later-I had to wait for my paycheck). Ala Moana's staff was really nice. They even went searching for my specific print placements. I think shipping to the US was about $15-$17.