Paradiso Cucciolo?

  1. Do you think I could find one anywhere anymore? Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I wish I knew. If you do fine one let me know ... I would love to get one in that print.
  3. ^I wonder why it's so cheap?
  4. the seller is starting off low to have ppl look at it :biggrin: its a selling tactic ....if they price it too high some ppl might just ignore it ..thats what i thnk??:p
  5. :welcome: i just noticed the descpription doesnt have the word "cucciolo" so if you ever bid on it you could win it at a low price??
  6. I hope you win it! How convenient you asked and it appeared!!!!!!!
  7. I hope you win it too!! :biggrin:...that style is super hard to find!
  8. wow..everytime I stop looking on eBay you guys find something new and interesting that makes me go back and look.
  9. good luck!
  10. hahahaha...i stopped too for awhile, since im done shopping for my bags, but im helping annieb search for her tokis there...and while at it help others look too :biggrin:
  11. I gotta stop reading some of these threads i need to save money!!! lol- I read about c 21 having inferno- now i GOTTA go back ahahahaha :lol:
    Just when I thought i was over the original bella...and short sleeve hoodie- they pop back as an option....aiyahhhh

    I stopped looking for a paradiso cucciolo and looky

    Vmasterz how do you like your original bella bella???
  12. hahaha i havent even used it yet!...its too white for me!! hahaha...idk i dont think i like the print that much...if only they made it in foresta or inferno! that would be so awesome lol!
  13. hmm....I'm one border with wanting one now...idk what to do.. this print is weird to me...some times I look at it and have to have it and sometimes I just plain think it's ug-- not for me... how's the size for ya?