Paradiso campeggio, should I keep it?

  1. I got a Paradiso campeggio with good placement (not perfect) new with tags for $87.50 tax included.the only flaw is that it has a missing rivet. I could always call my local cobbler and have them put in a generic one.Should I keep it?
  2. i'd say yes!! unless it really matters to you cuz if i had that bag, i wouldn't let it go! great price + great placement + paradiso campeggio is extremely adorable...i wouldn't even notice the missing rivet...
  3. Thanks Bubblesung :smile: you made me feel better about it
  4. wow i would definitely keep it!! great least you can replace the if there was a big tear in the bag then its something to think about:p
  5. I'd definitely keep it! No one will notice ONE missing rivet, and if you can get it replaced for cheap, excellent! Paradiso is an adorable style. People are gonna be too busy going, "AWWW LOOKIT THE LITTLE CUTE BABIES!" to notice anything else anyway. XD
  6. haha I can't even give my opinion on this really cuz when I bought a black bella off of eBay and it came with a replaced/bad rivet I was reallyyyy upset. But if you love th ebag and it doesn't bother you .. keep it :biggrin:
  7. i say keep it too!
  8. I'd keep it!!!
  9. If it's not noticable after the replacement, I would say keep it! But it really bothered me when the original green rivet fell off my original Mamma and I had to return it!
  10. Keep it ! Anyway, where did you find it?
  11. Thanks you guys for your oppinions. I will keep it, you can only tell if you are really loking for it. I took it to a cobbler and they replaced the rivet for a generic one for $6. I found it at Macys and it looked like 3 other pleople had bought it and returned it because it had 3 differen macys return stickers on it ( overlapped)
  12. Pictures?!?!?
  13. I say keep it...
  14. How come I've never seen any of the tokidoki bags at my Macy's on sale?? I must stalk Macy's more often :smile:
  15. The tag had the full price on it, but since I knew it was an old print I did that price check thing and it turned out it was on sale !! Oddly enough there was a paradiso bella @ full price