Paradiso at Singapore Changi Airport

  1. I nearly fainted when I approached the DFS Lesportsac shop at the airport during lunch just now. There were Paradisos all over!!:nuts: Thought they are already out of stock in Singapore but there were so many here. The styles available with good placement too are:
    - bella
    - stellina
    - bambino
    - bambinone
    - ciao
    - cucciolo
    - campeggio
    - nuvola
    - scuola

    So if anyone of you would like me to scoop any for you, let me know yeah. The prices at DFS is cheaper than Isetan downtown and I have 15% discount off. :graucho: For eg. a bella/ stellina can go for S$225 here. You have to be quick coz the bags really fly off the shelves here.
  2. Did they have many of the cucciolo bags left? How much would it cost in American dollars plus shipping? I'm absolutely obsessed with getting one and all the outlets are sold out with no expections of getting any more in.

  3. mytokiluv: thanks for posting this... *phew* fortunately no zucca on the list... hehehe... cuz i'm actually still waiting for the one i ordered from SH outlet (still with my friend's aunt).

    i see you've finally got a PG MM - wow! gotta share pics. when your collection's complete! now i want a pirata... not sure what style to get it in. psst... you wanna share shipping from SH? :graucho: PM me...