Paradiso and Inferno Luna

  1. There's a Paradiso and Inferno Luna for sale on for $149.99 if anyone wants one. You can also see if one of these coupon codes work.
  2. I just checked UO and the only item I seen was the watch. How long ago did you see it?
  3. Thanks, I am looking for my first! It has to be very girlie or my son will steal it!
  4. Thanks Cytheria. It wasn't coming up when I entered Tokidoki on the search. I see it is under luggage.

    But now I've talked myself out of it. I'm afraid I would never use the luna. I never get to go on vacation. :crybaby:

    I'm still checking back daily for a citta rose but they are probably all sold out.
  5. Thanks, I just got the Inferno!
  6. Yeah I keep talking myself out of it too. I already own a Luna which I'll probably only use once a year when we go visit my husband's family. So I'm hoping someone else that wants it will buy it so I have no choice but not to buy it. lol
  7. That through me for a loop too! I'm always looking for a pic first. Although they do show a pic of the paradiso one.
  8. Yeah I thought that was weird too but I found it by clicking "Brands" under "Women" and then clicking "Tokidoki for Lesportsac" and I have that page bookmarked and check it everyday.
  9. Yay! Thank you, I just grabbed the Paradiso Luna!