Paradise Rio or Amber???

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  1. I've been so close to pulling the trigger on a black Paradise Rio. But, my concern about the size (not being large enough for my tastes) has kept me from it. I have a 10% code, no sales tax or shipping through So, this morning I noticed that Paradise Amber in black is now on their website.

    Please give me your opinions!
  2. the rio. i love the shape so much more. it's a decent sized bag. you must carry a lot with you!
  3. I vote for the Rio. I prefer zipper tops always. They look like they can hold a similar amount of stuff, so I don't know in terms of practicality...
  4. LOL!

    tad, I'm really a "satchel" person. If I find the Stam to be more than large enough, with room to spare, then Rio would be a good size also?
  5. I like satchels as well so my vote goes to the Rio
  6. I would go with the Rio, its going to be my next purchase.
    I already bought the matching wallet
  7. Good question! It's hard to narrow down with all the different shapes.

    If you're a satchel person, Rio seems like the right choice. I'm sure it's big enough!
  8. Thanks, everyone! Amber is a tote, and not as classy as Rio. And, thanks to sexycombover, I realize Amber has a snap and not a zipper, like Rio.

  9. i definitely think so!
  10. ^^thanks!
  11. Thanks, ladies, for all your patience with me! I pulled the trigger, Paradise Black Rio it is...along with another MJ bag:graucho:

    I sure want that Paradise wallet, such enablers here...LOL!
  12. yayayayya!!! I hope it comes asap & safely! Get the Paradise Wallet too! :biggrin: Matching MJs, its like a little family!
  13. :yes::yes:
  14. i was gonna vote for rio but saw that you already made the decision! wohoooo i can't wait to see pictures of the black rio.. and what else did you get? :graucho:
  15. Ditto! I was gonna vote rio. I can't wait for u to take pics!