Paradise Hotel is back!

  1. Ok, I was obsessed with this show when it aired in 2003 and now they are playing the reruns on the FOXReality channel. Loved the drama and backstabbing! Did anyone else watch it?
  2. Ooh I remember that show! :biggrin: hahah I never missed an episode.
  3. Yeah, me too ! Love it !!!
  4. OMG I need reality channel!!
  5. me too, i used to watch it. it has been awhile now.
  6. My ex was an editor on that show :push:
    Regardless, it was a pretty cool show!
  7. of course i watched it!!!
    who could ever forget Toni the She-Hulk?!?!?!
  8. It's on FOXReality right now! :p
  9. I loved this show and can't believe they didn't do another one. I really liked Keith, I thought he was a decent guy. Couldn't stand Amy!
  10. I LOVED this show!!! Oh man, I thought you meant they had a new season. That would be so sweet!
  11. I already know who I want voted off:nuts:

    Hope no one turns out to be a Dave type...
  12. When I saw this title I thought there was gonna be a new episodes airing!
  13. There is... there's only been one so far so you're not too far behind. It's on FoxReality channel and I'm in southern CA and it's on channel 13 as well over here. I loveddd the first season! I think this season is going to be just as good!
  14. oooh.. Fox reality channel. I thought they always aired repeats of old reality shows, but now they are airing the new ones! Cool, thanks for clearing that up.
  15. How do you get this channel? I never heard of it before. Is it a pay channel like HBO?