Parade present to myself....

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    I'm a couple days late posting this, but I went to Factory store Friday, the 3rd to find something small to use for parade. I was in line waiting when the store opened, 2nd person in door, and went straight back to corner where they put NON MFF items. There was only ONE Parker Butterfly swingpack. I never seen this before IRL, but I knew to grab it and I could decide if I wanted it. I also got the ONLY wristlet to match!!! I spent over an hour wandering, holding onto the swingpack. I had one girl follow me around, and asked a couple times if I was for sure going to get both items. Well, you know all the more I wasn't giving them up!! I got the wristlet for under $30, and the swingpack under $70. With tax, $105!!!!

    I included a quick photo of the BF and the WW1 bronze statue float he was on. (he's kneeling, OUCH!!)

    I am a devoted Sabrina lover, but didn't want to take one of the gals to the parade and have some drunk spill on it, or kid get cotton candy on it. The two items worked perfect, never thought I would own a swingpack, but I just love her for times when I don't need a ton of stuff. I put the strap of the wristlet through the ring on the swingpack strap, and put the wristlet in the back slip pocket. Held my cellphone nice and safe. I don't know exactly the material, but it seems to by nylon, and should be able to clean easy.

    Sorry so long, I just get excited when I get something...:party:

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  2. Yay! for Butterflies!!!!! Love 'em!

    Edited to say... great deal too.
  3. Lovely finds and great BF picture!
  4. Great finds! They are lovely! Congrats!!!
  5. Sweet price... perfect for the occassion
  6. Ohh I love these!! I would have store-stalked you too :greengrin:

    Excellent score
  7. I love, love butterflies. I think they are perfect for summer.

  8. very cute items! love the set :smile:
  9. What a great set and for a great price too!
    You're poor BF stayed like that for the entire parade!?! The float looks awesome and they do look like statues.
  10. cute set! congratulations!!
  11. What total steals and that set is gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. that was me!!! i wanted to make sure you really wanted them!!!!
    i kid...i kid.....
    super cute! and how great you got the matching wristlet?!?! holl e r
    thats so awesome your BF on the float! i hoep he was wearing a knee pad!!
  13. I love that's just TDF!
  14. Great shopping!
    I love the houses in the background of the picture, they are beautiful. Cool float he was on!
  15. Congratulations! I just love getting something at a really great price.