Parachuting to a new level.....

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  1. I spent the last couple of days with friends in Carmel. Of course, there's a BV store there. The parachute style comes in NLG. I'm in love with this style & color. That pretty much sums it up. I went down a rabbit hole (photo 3).

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  2. It was meant to be! She looks comfortable on your tote shelf. Enjoy!
  3. I am so happy I made this choice.
  4. How fabulous Diane! I regret letting go of my parachute and will have one again because the style and function is perfect!
  5. Ahhh she looks wonderful! (And wonderful on you). Perfect addition.

    Enjoy!! I expect to hear some rumblings in the Bag Shaming thread. [emoji6]
  6.'s tough being a parent.
  7. Utterly perfect in terms of both color and style. Congrats! That space is meant for it.
  8. Oh, Diane, it is fabulous! You wear it well.very nice.
  9. Like you, I'm gravitating towards totes. Do the straps stay on your shoulder? Enjoy, it looks great and you wear it well.
  10. Oh, I love the parachute bags! Never had one, but definitely on my lust list. Might be time to trade in my Roma and upgrade... :graucho:
  11. It's only been two days but somehow, I just knew it was time for this bag. I've always loved the style but it used to seem like a "big" bag to me....until I moved into carrying totes. When I put it on the shelf, I was surprised how the size rivaled the cabat and nuvolato tote.

    Thanks! How are your meet-up goodies serving you? Are you wearing the earrings a lot? I'm wearing mine almost daily.

    I just got it Friday and haven't actually worn it out yet. But it was very comfortable just wearing it around the store. I was a told that the straps will soften and flatten a bit over time. I love how this bag fits under my arm when I have the straps on my shoulder. It's raining today and that usually means a pillow bag for me so I probably won't take her out for a spin until this rain stops.

    The Roma is gorgeous. But I've been thinking that the parachute would be perfect for my retired jeans and tunic daily life. Although the Peltro and Nuvolato are "new-to-me" (and I absolutely love them) it's been a while since I actually walked into a BV and bought a bag. I have to say, I was shopping with a friend and it was fun to be in the middle of all those choices even though I knew what I was after. Usually, I order on the phone and things arrive the following day via Fedex...which is a different kind of fun.
  12. Your new new to you parachute is perfect in every way and so practical in daily functionality. ..
    I think the "fever " is spreading in a good way!
  13. Gorgeous bag and she fits right in! I love the parachute and have tried it on numerous times, but the round straps are holding me back. I look forward to hearing from you how it wears over the coming year!
  14. Congrats on the new Parachute! She is a real beauty. I saw one before in grey IRL, not sure which exact shade, but was so amazed at how well the color and style went together. Pictures never do enough justice for our beloved BV colors and styles. Enjoy!
  15. Fantastic in every way, easy and beautiful :tup:
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