Parachute bag: yes or no?

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  1. I need opinion!

    I love the new Barolo color and I stop by BV today to try it out --- I was thinking Bella but they did not have one. The SA showed me the smaller parachute and it looks very nice!

    But I have few questions on parachute:
    -- is it comfortable to wear? The strap feels very stiff, does it soften over time?
    -- does the strap stay on your shoulder?
    -- what do you think about the size? I like how the smaller one looks -- cute, but afraid that it is a bit too small (is it similar to smaller campana?)

    Please share your thoughts!
  2. I'm confused. I was not aware that there are two parachute sizes. I purchased my first parachute bags this spring.
    I love the bag. The straps have softened and I find it very comfortable. The ones I purchased are the size currently shown on the website.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.47.09 AM.png
  3. The SA said that this is a new size -- here is the only picture I can find online:
    Same strap length, but smaller purse

    Good to know that the strap softens a lot! Do the straps stay put on your shoulder?
  4. Thank you! I have no trouble with the straps but I do carry it as a tote about 50% of the time. Just a habit.
  5. If you do a search here, you'll learn a lot about the parachute but it'll be about the larger size. So that's important to keep in mind.

    I generally don't like rounded straps but I never had a problem with the parachute straps. Like all BVs, it needs to break in and soften and once it does, it's a terrific bag. Our Diane can speak to this too. She spent some time initially bending the strap to soften it.

    As for the bag in general, you'll also read that people either love it or not so much. There's something very architectural about the bag and it can go dressy or casual. Some have complained that the base is too wide and feels large under the arm (but this relates to the original or large size).

    Funnily enough, I'm eying the color Barolo too and in a parachute!
  6. I have not had a Parachute bag, large, small or medium, but I can tell you I've read somewhere on this forum that people have had trouble with the straps staying on the shoulder. That will not be unique to THIS bag, but to any two-strap rounded handle bag.
  7. It seems a lot of people have trouble with all bags that have two straps. If you cross the straps when you put it on your shoulder they usually stay put.
    I myself have no experience with 2 handle bags by BV
    I do have other bags not BV that have 2 straps and unless I cross them when they are on my shoulder....they slip
    Seems to be the nature of the beast.
    Everything leather BV softens over time. I have a pair of loafers that were so stiff when I got them I couldn't wear them for more than 1/2 hr. At a time. Now they are so comfy they are like bedroom slippers
  8. I have a parachute and the straps are not a problem. In contrast, the campana straps do not stay up for me. Really not sure why the difference - I'm probably just odd. [emoji12]

    That being said, the parachute is not my favorite BV and wouldn't buy another (vs the Veneta which is my fav [emoji6]).
  9. I don't own a parachute, mainly because I am a large woman and it sticks out too far, be it large or small. But, la la. I'd love something in Barolo!
  10. Thank you all for the inputs!

    Yesterday I visited BV once more to try it again --- like many here, I LOVE Barolo.....

    I am still undecided however - the small parachute is very cute because the base is smaller and it does not stick out too much (should have taken pic!)

    Problem: the SA had me tried Veneta (and I remember Buckeyemommy comment) -- which I never thought I would like (I like bags that can stand by themselves) but it looks so elegant! Am still concerned about how the zipper sits under the arm and harder to get things and out, but now I know why people love Veneta ... It is not available yet in Barolo however...

    So now a new debate --- do I go for parachute (casual, cute, easy to wear) or wait for Veneta in Barolo (elegant but not as easy)?
  11. I fell in love with the small Parachute when I saw it in Bellevue last month. It was the one bag that really caught my eye for some reason.
    One nice thing about the Parachute (either size) is that it can be used both as a tote and a shoulder bag. Though to be fair, I would only carry it as a tote due to the flat bottom. To me, it's a hand carry bag, but can easily be thrown over the shoulder if you suddenly have your hands full. The Parachute doen't require "breaking in" in order to wear/use it. Not that the Veneta does per se, but I feel there is an initial breaking in period - especially with the new and "improved" handle.
    I guess it really depends on you. Do you want a hobo-style bag with a zippered closure, or do you want a more square-ish style bag that is more open (other than the magnetic closure).

    Personally, I think the Parachute (either size) is more versatile, but you have to get what YOU feel most comfortable putting all your stuff in and carrying around. I've had SAs try to convince me how great the 'pillow' bag is, :annoyed: and I'm all :blah: so you gotta do what's best for you and not take my advice :lol:
    BV is just too expensive to make mistakes, IMO.

    All BVs are elegant, IMO - it doesn't really matter which style. Barolo is drool-worthy. I haven't been really excited about a rich deep colour since Aubergine.
  12. Now that I jolt my memory, I think I recall seeing the small Parachute at the boutique when I visited. It did not dawn on me to try it on as my mind was focused on the Bella and small Olimpia but I do like the architectural aspects of its design. I cannot input much on the Parachute but I do own the medium Veneta and enjoy it for its versatility. I wear it with jeans all the time but it also pairs so well with dresses/skirts. I do really like the zipper for peace of mind, knowing they are always secured. In terms of getting into the bag, I did have to take the bag off to retrieve my wallet but I do not find it frustrating, given that I do this very frequently on a day out with the kid. Given its width, it is also easy to reach in and grab something. I have very thick shoulders and the Veneta is really comfortable on the shoulder. Mine is the older design and preloved hence it was already broken in but given time and frequent use, I am positive you will get to that desired slouch no time. Everything said, it still boils down to what you like best but a bag in Barolo is absolutely exciting.
  13. Wow, loving the smaller size! Thank goodness for tpf otherwise I'd never know about this.
  14. I'm seeing the large Veneta in Barolo on NM. [emoji6]
  15. I was told by an SA that the veneta design was being reworked and that was why the prices were reduced a while back. (I asked if it was about the handle but she didn't know.) Since you really want the barolo, I'd wait a while and see if it appears in a new veneta adaptation. It may be that BV is improving the very issues you are concerned with and that a newer version may be both the color and design you prefer. The Barolo parachute should be available for a while, so perhaps you should consider giving yourself some time.....

    And...if you go back, it would be great to see a modeling shot with the small parachute....if possible. :smile:
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