Parachute bag, love it or hate it?

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  1. Hello fellow TPFers,

    I have been dwelling on another BV purchase (currently have venetas in the brown family) and am considering the parachute. On visiting the boutique, the lovely SAs (aren't they all a gem to shop with :smile:) provided me with several alternatives, but it was parachute.

    Thing is, I love hobo shapes in general as they suit my petite 5'2" frame. But i need to stop buying hobos and add more shapes to the bag stash :smile:

    What I love about the parachute -
    1) easy access
    2) large roomy interior
    3) great to go work horse

    My concerns on it are:"
    1) will it slouch over time, as the bottom is pretty structured.
    2) does it overwhelm a small frame, being someone who's used to hobos.

    pictures are certainly most welcome on this thread! thanks.
  2. My mom's a 5-foot 'apple' (she'll pinch me for saying that) - she's been carrying her noce Parachute non-stop for the last six months. It was her first BV after a lifetime of LV and she now understands my BV love.

    Her Parachute slouched beautifully verrrrry quickly, and it looks great - whether she's got a few things inside or she's carrying her doctorate schoolbooks. I personally don't think it overwhelms her, but let me see if I can scrounge up a photo to illustrate.
    Hope this is helpful though!
  3. Thanks Happytrottinelf .. Nocce is a beautiful color! It was a sell out if I remember and now Chene has replaced it. Though imo Chene wasn't quite close to the color nocce was.
    Pictures would be lovely. Thing is I am not used to a larger than Veneta sized bag so am needing some convincing to pull the trigger.
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    My parachute slouches nicely overtime. I'm 5"2' and it doesn't overwhelm my petite frame at all... I'll try to dig up a picture and post it here.
  5. [​IMG]

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  6. sorry about the double image post... i'm a bit technology challenged :P
  7. I have to say I am not a fan of the parachute bag
    although it does slouch nicely like all BV bags
    I would rather have something else
    I am not big into the magnetic closure
    For some reason the wide bottom is unappealing to me
    this is just MO
    if I were going to get a big bag I would rather have a roma or belly veneta
    I think the hardware on the roma is much nicer
    and the belly veneta in large is a work horse for me
  8. @Cindy, Indeed it doesn't overwhelm your frame! Thanks for the Lovely pic.
    @septembersiren, I did consider the Roma , but it is still best looking hand held. May head back to look at the belly; it didn't cross my mind to try it. Does the large look oversized?
    To be honest , I am dwelling between this and the LV Sofia Coppola bag. Granted, I am able to get a hold of it as it is next to impossible to find.
  9. I love the parachute as well! It's my next favorite BV bag next to Sloane for the look but definitely more practical and easily accessible. Included is a picture from one of the other threads, AND this is also the very picture that 'sold' me on the parachute too!

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  10. I love the Parachute style; I have a reddish one (don't remember the color) similar to the one above. ^^. I love that it can be carried as a satchel or slunged on the shoulder. I also have Romas and Campanas which I also love but somehow the Parachute (for me) is easier to wear. I am looking to buy a second Parachute very soon; probably violet or maroon.
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    I have been eying the parachute for a while now and bought one in blood from Bergdorf. It went back for the following reasons:

    Weight. It is still lighter than most bags but I noticed the difference as compared to the large Veneta.
    Rolled Strap: I had a bad experience with the strap on the YSL Roady. The YSL rolled strap really bothered my shoulder--dug in. I didn't want to take the chance with the strap even though it is BV.
    Seaming on bag interior edge: It bothered me. There was this teeny space in the seam between the lining and exterior.
    Color: For some reason I didn't love it in Blood. I saw it in Shadow and it is stunning. I think in Indigo it would be equally pretty.

    Size wise, it's nicely proportioned for both larger and smaller frames. I think it can be dressed up down too.

    It's still on my list but I am also realizing if I kow what works for me and what I feel fabulous using, I should stick to that. So Rete tote it is. It is a lot more expensive but I really like this style.
  12. Thanks everyone , you've been ( as always) ever so helpful with your feedback and personal experiences :smile:
  13. I LOVE the Parachute bag but am glad I read the previous posts on how it feels on the shoulder...I too have issues with weight of bags and how they feel own the shoulder.

    I love the magnetic closure though, makes it easy to get in to and I just love the way it looks on. I think I will still pursue this bag maybe in a bright color.

    If you're concerned about the slouch use a purse organizer. I use them in all my bags, some are stiffer and would eliminate the slouchy look.

    Good luck on your pics :smile: