Papyrus and colour transfer?

I'm getting a new Bal in December and at the moment, I'm thinking it's gonna be the Velo in RGGH in the Papyrus colour, I love this combination! However, I'm a bit concerned about colour transfer, especially since this bag can be worn cross-body and is likely to spend a lot of time rubbing against my clothes. I often wear very dark blue skinny jeans.

Does this shade suffer with colour transfer? Would I be better getting a darker colour if this bothers me? I know it would bother me if my bag started turning blue!


Jun 17, 2010
Oh yes it happens with this color! I was quite upset when it happened to me... so be careful. I would say that overall you might be happier with a darker color.


Jul 20, 2008
If you really love this combo, just don't wear dark jeans w/ it, period! It's so gorgeous to pass up just because of color jean transfer.

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Cartier Love!
Mar 1, 2010
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I second imlvholic. Try to avoid wearing dark jeans with it. I totally forgot and wore mine with dark jeans once and it showed an itsy teeeny bit of rubbing/ transfer on mine. It's not that visible though but it's there.

If this bothers you then I suggest you get a darker colored bal. But I have to add that the color is really pretty IRL. :roflmfao:


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
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Agree with everyone here. I have not yet worn dark jeans this whole year, but I bet there will be one time I do, and I will be carrying Papyrus, and, oops, there'll be some serious denim transfer. From that, or my black suede leggings, hahaha!

However, I figure bags are meant to be carried, no matter what.

So, I do expect there will be dark smears all over it once it has been broken in. The Papyrus, by virtue of its light shade, simply won't be a bag I can ever re-sell in pristine or lightly-used condition (unless I only use it with light clothes, which is unlikely)... I personally don't mind the dark marks, because they are always on the reverse side of the bag, but I know other people won't like it.

Having said that, three light sprays of Collonil is brilliant for repelling oil and water-based stains away.

So, if you are getting the Papyrus, enjoy using it - but just just be mindful that it will show wear pretty fast if you choose to use it as an everyday, don't-care-what-jeans-I'm-wearing kind of bag.


Jan 4, 2012
I just bought a Giant Day in Papyrus with Silver hardware last month. Besides dark jeans, are there any precautions I should take to avoid color transfer on this bag. It's so pretty ... I want to keep it pristine for as long as possible.