Papyrus 80% off Summer Sale! exp. 7/5


    Papyrus is having their summer sale at 80% off! Kinda crazy. Looks like they finally filled up their sale section with some good stuff too!
  2. Thanks microfridge! I just purchased about 14 items for under 10 bucks... shipping included! :0)
  3. I think I went a bit overboard, but I spent $35 for a load of items.
  4. wow. those little under $1 purchases start to add up! lol.
  5. is this online only?? i wanna get that cute little dog bowl for my bf! lol but i dont wanna pay for shipping haha
  6. shipping is REALLY inexpensive. like only a few bucks.
  7. oh god! stationary is my biggest weakness....thanks for the post!! I got 3 packs of the pug note cards!