PAPRIKA paraty - whats your opinion.

  1. I tried searching for this color online and comes out in different tone of orange. Some pix have a very bright intense orange which is what I love but some its pretty washed. Anyone here seen it irl, how is this color? Pix are welcome too.
  2. I love the color, but I share your questions: I was lusting after a large Paraty in Paprika because the first one I saw online was a brighter, deeper orange (which I LOVED!) but the few I've seen pop up online since then have seemed a little more terracotta/earthtoned. I'd be curious to see any pics, as well!

  3. Yes!!! I so hope some paraty expert can come in and so we can have a final decision!!!
  4. Me too! Been wondering what the true color is as well. I actually wouldn't mind a terracotta color, but I couldn't tell how bright paprika was either. I've seen the posted pics of the fall 2012 Orange Mechanic color which is what both of you may be looking for. :smile:. I even asked @Shari Nakagawa (I think she works for chloe) how Paprika compared to the new Orange Mechanic but never heard back. :sad:. You both should look up the pics for Orange Mechanic, looks very vibrant and true orange. :smile:
  5. I heard its the colour of SALMON!!!???
  6. Orange Mechanic is like salmon!?!? No... Really?? Or did you hear Paprika is like salmon?
  7. Paprika is salmon like........... :sad: my lust is sad........
  8. Dear All,

    Paprika is a beautiful shade of orange; however, if you are looking for a vibrant shade, I would definitely recommend orange mechanic.

    I apologize (jp_536) for not getting back to you sooner. I will post comparison pics on Monday morning.

  9. That would be awesome! TIA!! :smile:.
  10. Dear All,

    Please see attached picture of paprika vs. orange mechanic.

  11. They're both so nice!!! :smile:. That's a perfect comparison pic with them side by side. Thank You!!
  12. You are so sweet to provide such useful pictures!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi Shari, thanks for the pics - if you have time, can you advise which pic of the orange mechanic is most true to life?

    holy cannoli i am totally swooning over OM, esp if it is as bright as in the first pic where you are holding the two for comparison, it looks like a delicious smooshy orange you just want to squeeze the juice out of!.
  14. I feel its like hermes orange :smile:
  15. That OM color is gorgeous!