Paprika accessories

  1. Has anyone stumbled across any paprika accessories? I'd love to find a coin purse or make up clutch.

    I've worn out my local resources and figured I'd check with you all before hitting up the national yellow pages.
  2. Good Luck! I'm looking for a Paprika Twiggy or City myself and don't know who carries it.:shrugs:
  3. Is paprika the same as Rouille? I wanted a coin for a long time and had to wait until one appeared on eb*y. I know Barney's just got rid of their stock of Rouille a few weeks back by putting it on sale (I got a first), but it's worth a call to BalNY.
  4. Why did they get rid of their Rouille stock? Was it not selling well?
  5. I'll have to give BalNY a shot. Looks like I missed out at Barneys. There's deffinitely none in stock at either of the locations near me! Too bad I missed the sale! it's such a pretty color.
  6. I'm not sure why, but about three weeks ago there was a post here that there were some bags on sale at Barneys. When I called they had several boxes and couriers in ink and a first in rouille. I think they were making room for the new season colors.
  7. i think they put the 06 rouille on sale and not the 07 paprika? maybe the accessories are not out yet. although i think i saw a wallet on diabro..
  8. OK....maybe we should call the '06 Rouille, Rouille and the '07 Rouille, Paprika. AR calls the '07 Rouille whereas BalNY calls them Paprika. Wish they would just call it one name because it's confusing the heck outta me:confused1:. I'm looking for the Paprika Twiggy. Does anyone know where I might be able to find it? TIA
  9. have you tried aloharag? or balparis?