Paprazzi went too far with Angelina Jolie

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  1. [​IMG]If Brad and Angelina thought moving to Prague for a while would give them some privacy they now know they were sorely mistaken.
    Angie was miserable when a photographer snapped a photo of her bathing her brood the other night. The paparazzi caught a break when a shade in to Brangelina's bathroom was pulled up just enough for him to catch the intimate moment between the mom and her kids.
    “She was livid,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”
    The family is in the Czech city while Angelina films her new flick, Wanted.
    The paparazzi sleeps for no one, nowhere.
  2. This is just awful I cannot imagine someone doing this to me :mad:
  3. that's taking it too far when they resort to taking pictures of her in the bathroom with her kids. The paparazzi are so insensitive since all they see are $$, not real people.
  4. Wow....that's pretty low. It's one thing to take pictures of someone when they're in public....but a private moment in the bathroom with her kids....that's just wrong.
  5. anyone got those pics?:s
  6. That's said and really awful what the paparazzi are doing.
    I know t's their joband Angelina is a hot celebrity but there must be a line.
  7. You would think that she would be use to it by know, it is not surprising paparazzi would do anything to get a picture
  8. It is one thing when taking pictures of celebs out to eat and coming out of their house but it is another to take pictures from the window outside of the bathroom!!! If I was aj I would have felt the same way. I would have also called the police. Paprazzi are getting really scary these days.
  9. Was wondering that too...

    It's too bad that these Paps have to take their jobs so far to intrude on the private and intimate moments...
  10. I would be livid if someone took pictures of my children bathing.

    Is it true that the guy also cut a hole in their fence?
  11. OMG, That is such a violation of someones privacy. If they didin't have cameras they would be stalkers or in this case burgulars, but because they have a camera it makes it ok? I think not, it's disgraceful
    I feel so sorry for Angelina.
  12. i agree, that's too far.
  13. It is too bad they couldn't have been caught for trespassing or charged with stalking. That's dreadful. Public places are just that: public. But to invade someone's home in another matter entirely.
  14. Jeez, why would you want to see them
  15. exactly. This is why I never want to be famous. I can't imagine unwanted people spying on me when I'm in my own house.